Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Post

Hi everyone and welcome to my first post!

My name is Ruby! Actually no, that's not my real name, it's just a nickname. I'm 4 months away from graduating *can't wait*

I discovered my passion for books when I was quite young...I was about 12 when my literature teacher told us to read Alexandre Dumas' Robin Hood. At that young age I was very impressed by the ability of one person to create a new, magical world and new characters using only words. I mean, I knew what books where, I had a big library at home, but I never thought it was possible for someone to do that without the help of videos and images. Anyway, after that my grandmother convinced me to try and read Paul Feval's The Hunchback. I must confess, The Hunchback's hero, Lagardere, was my first "fictional crush". He sounded so... manly, so powerful and rogue-ish. After that there was the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings era. At first I didn't want to read them. I thought that just because they were made into movies they didn't deserve the fame they got almost overnight. After some talks with some classmates I decided to give them a try. And from that moment on I started to read more and more. I discovered Anne Rice, which I love and adore, I stumbled across Pride and Prejudice (which actually was the first book I read in English and I remember it was quite hard at first LOL). Then when I turned 17 I discovered the romance genre. The first romance book I read was late Arnette Lamb's Chieftain. Drummond MacQueen was and powerful and... he really looked (in my mind, anyways) like that knight in shining armor I always imagined.

A year later I think, a good friend of mine convinced me to try some other genres and so I read Marc Levy (another french author who, in my opinion, is a fantastic writer).

So here I am, at 22 years old, an avid reader, college student. Just your average girl :D How did you start reading books?
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