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Blog Tour Book Review: The First Rule Of Hook-Ups by Nina Crespo

Today we have the blog tour for The First Rule of Hook-Ups by Nina Crespo. Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Author: Nina Crespo
Series: Breakup Bash #1
Audience: +18
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC (Brazen)
Release Date: November 12th 2018
My Rating: 4 Cups
Source: InkSlinger PR
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Someone once told me that there are worst things than being left at the altar. Well, not many, in my experience. That was six months ago, though, and my life has moved on. Heck, I have a new job lined up and I'm leaving town.

But, I can't deny that my love life kind of sucks.

That’s why I let my friends convince me to join them for Club Escapade’s Breakup Bash. And we might just be disillusioned enough to actually enjoy it. Last time we were here, it was for my bachelorette party. That night, I met one of the dancers – Raphael – and when he flirted with me, I almost forgot I was engaged. And there's a part of me that never forgot him.
Now, it seems my friends have wandered off and I’m thinking about calling it a night. Until the music begins and I see Raphael, my secret fantasy, on stage. And this time, I’m definitely not engaged...
*Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way. 

**Disclaimer: This book contains mature content. As a result, my review may contain references to content intended for mature audiences only.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Book Review: Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes

 Liars, Inc by Paula Stokes
Author: Paula Stokes
Series: N/A
Audience: +16
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: March 24th 2015
My Rating: 5 Cups
Source: Won
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Max Cantrell has never been a big fan of the truth, so when the opportunity arises to sell forged permission slips and cover stories to his classmates, it sounds like a good way to make a little money and liven up a boring senior year. With the help of his friends Preston and Parvati, Max starts Liars, Inc. Suddenly everybody needs something and the cash starts pouring in. Who knew lying could be so lucrative?

When Preston wants his own cover story to go visit a girl he met online, Max doesn’t think twice about hooking him up. Until Preston never comes home. Then the evidence starts to pile up—terrifying clues that lead the cops to Preston’s body. Terrifying clues that point to Max as the murderer.

Can Max find the real killer before he goes to prison for a crime he didn’t commit? In a story that Kirkus Reviews called "Captivating to the very end," Paula Stokes starts with one single white lie and weaves a twisted tale that will have readers guessing until the explosive final chapters.
*Disclaimer: I won this book in a giveaway hosted by the author. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Hello book lovers! I saw this awesome tag done by Esther @ BiteIntoBooks and I absolutely loved it, so I thought I'd do it too. The goal is to make your perfect Zombie Apocalypse team.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cover Reveal: Repeat by Kylie Scott


From Audie Award winning, New York Times best-selling author Kylie Scott comes an irresistible new romance— available in audio first!

When a vicious attack leaves 25-year-old Clementine Johns with no memory, she’s forced to start over. Now she has figure out who she was and why she made the choices she did – which includes leaving the supposed love of her life, tattoo artist Ed Larsen, only a month before.

Ed can hardly believe it when his ex shows up at his tattoo parlor with no memory of their past, asking about the breakup that nearly destroyed him. The last thing he needs is more heartache, but he can’t seem to let her go again. Should they walk away for good, or does their love deserve a repeat performance?


Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet. You can learn more about Kylie from   FACEBOOK | TWITTER | FACEBOOK FAN GROUP | INSTAGRAM | GOODREADS          

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Blog Tour Book Review: Siren In Bloom by Lexi Blake

 Siren In Bloom by Lexi Blake
Author: Lexi Blake
Series: Texas Sirens #6
Audience: +18
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: DLZ Entertainment, LLC
Release Date: November 6th 2018
My Rating: 4.5 Cups
Source: InkSlinger PR
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Re-released in a second edition with new content.

For psychologist Leo Meyer, peace and comfort come through strict discipline and order. It’s one of the reasons he was chosen by Julian Lodge to be the Dom in residence at his club. His time there has been a near-perfect existence filled with a daily routine free from the chaos of emotional attachment. With the exception of his brief relationship with Shelley McNamara, that is. She may have been the only woman he ever truly loved, but he was confident he had put her out of his mind until she walked into his club on the arm of another man.

Shelley McNamara is tired of waiting for her new life to begin. After finally finding freedom from an abusive marriage, she is eager to discover who she really is. After her encounter with Leo Meyer, she knows that the first thing she wants to explore is the lifestyle he exposed her to during their brief time together. She’s been promised her new Dom will be an excellent fit, but she can’t imagine anyone could fill the hole left by Leo. Until she sees Master Wolf.

After a devastating injury forced his retirement from the Navy SEALs, Wolf has been restless and lost. Hoping to reconnect with his estranged family in Dallas, Wolf accepted a new job working for Julian Lodge. His first assignment is training a beautiful woman named Shelley. Her fiery nature unlocks feelings he didn’t know he was capable of after a life spent in combat. The closer they become, the more certain he is that she is his ideal mate. The only catch is that her relationship with Leo may not be as resolved as they both believed.

Just when Shelley believes the looming shadow of her deceased husband has finally cleared away, a dangerous killer arrives at her door seeking retribution. Leo and Wolf will have to put their grievances aside, leverage all their training, and work together to keep her safe and claim her heart.
*Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.

**Disclaimer: This book contains mature content. As a result, my review may contain references to content intended for mature audiences only.

Book Review: Dining With Angels by Larissa Ione & Suzanne M. Johnson


Join New York Times bestselling author Larissa Ione, and USA Today bestselling Southern food expert Suzanne M. Johnson as they guide you through their favorite Demonica world inspired food and drink recipes. And don’t forget to spend some time learning a little bit more about the private lives of your favorite characters in all new snippets and short stories! Brought to you by 1,001 Dark Nights, DINING WITH ANGELS is now available! Grab your copy today!

Author: Larissa Ione, Suzanne M. Johnson
Series: Demonica #17.5
Audience: +18
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cook books
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Release Date: November 6th 2018
My Rating: 5 Cups
Source: InkSlinger PR
Blurb (from Goodreads):
In a world where humans and supernatural beings coexist — not always peacefully — three things can bring everyone to the table: Love, a mutual enemy, and, of course, food.

With seven brand new stories from the Demonica universe, New York Times bestselling author Larissa Ione has the love and enemies covered, while celebrity Southern food expert Suzanne M. Johnson brings delicious food to the party.

And who doesn’t love a party? (Harvester rolls her eyes and raises her hand, but we know she’s lying.)

Join Ares and Cara as they celebrate a new addition to their family. See what Reaver and Harvester are doing to “spice” things up. Find out what trouble Reseph might have gotten himself into with Jillian. You’ll love reading about the further adventures of Wraith and Serena, Declan and Suzanne, and Shade and Runa, and you’re not going to want to miss the sit down with Eidolon and Tayla.

So pour a glass of the Grim Reaper’s finest wine and settle in for slices of life from your favorite characters and the recipes that bring them together. Whether you’re dining with angels, drinking with demons, or hanging with humans, you’ll find the perfect heavenly bits and sinful bites to suit the occasion.

Happy reading and happy eating! 
*Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from InkSlinget PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Backlist Books I Want to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about the backlist books we've been meaning to read. I'm thinking about rewarding myself during November and December, and doing a "one ARC - one backlist book" kind of thing, because I feel like I'll never get to read those backlist books otherwise. Here are my

Monday, November 5, 2018

Down The TBR Hole #8: The Confused Edition

Hello dear book lovers and welcome to another post in the Down The TBR Hole feature hosted by the awesome Lia.

Last time I did this I ended with 2934 books on my TBR. But since that was almost a month ago, I of course ended up adding books on my TBR so we start today with 2946 books. A big step back, BUT I hope to make some progress today.

I named this post "The Confused Edition" because, as you'll see in the post, most of these books are books that I have no clue how come I haven't read yet. I'm genuinely confused by the fact that they're still in my TBR pile instead of on my Read pile, and I have no excuse or explanation for this situation. I hope I'll rectify this situation soon, once COYER starts. Let's get started!

Friday, November 2, 2018

#COYER 2018 Sign Up Post

It's time, folks. I have tried to fool myself into thinking I can do this alone, but I need help. I need COYER this year, because if not, my e-reader will explode. I may or may not have an addiction to freebies and deals, and I need to be an adult about it and admit it to myself. And I'm hoping that by participating in COYER I'll get my butt into gear and read them.

Blog Tour Book Review: Shadow and Ice by Gena Showalter


The Queen of Paranormal Romance, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Gena Showalter, stuns with SHADOW AND ICE, the first title in her scorching new paranormal romance Gods of War Series. Check out the tour stop below and get your copy of SHADOW AND ICE today!

Author: Gena Showalter
Series: Gods of War #1
Audience: +18
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: HQN
Release Date: October 23rd 2018
My Rating: 4 Cups
Source: InkSlinger PR
Blurb (from Goodreads):

Gena Showalter, the New York Times bestselling author who brought you the Lords of the Underworld, introduces a scorching new paranormal romance series… Gods of War.

Knox of Iviland has spent his life competing in the All Wars, where vicious warriors with supernatural powers fight to the death to claim new realms. One winner takes everything—and all losers die. Enslaved as a child for his ability to control shadows, the most ruthless champion in history will stop at nothing to kill his king. But first he must win the battle for Earth. When a fearsome weapon imprisons every combatant in ice, centuries pass without progress…until she walks in.

Vale London craves a fun arctic getaway with her foster sister before settling down to open a bakery. Street-tough but vulnerable, she is unprepared to find ancient gods escaping a frozen cave—merciless beings who target her when she inadvertently enters their war.

Though Vale is now his enemy, Knox is consumed with lust and a fierce need to protect her. But only one combatant can prove victorious, and he will have to choose: live for freedom, or die for love. 
*Disclaimer: I received an eARC from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.

**Disclaimer: This book contains mature content. As a result, my review may contain references to content intended for mature audiences only.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mini Book Reviews: The Dead House, Escape

You might remember me gushing over Dawn Kurtagich's The Dead House. So when I heard there was a novella that tells the story of Naida, that kind of fills in some gaps, and maybe answer some leftover questions, I desperately wanted to get my hands on it. But I kept putting it off, because I was really scared of being disappointed.

Now that I've read it, I can say that even though it's a great story, it wasn't quite as dark as I had hoped. It still explores mental health, just like the original story, it still gave me the idea of not knowing what is actually happening, if it's a really scary paranormal story or a really dark contemporary. However it didn't give me the full closure I was hoping for. I was hoping it would give me some kind of idea of where Carly and Kaitlyn were or if they were still alive, if it somehow all happened in Naida's imagination, anything. The story does however give something that the original book didn't give, or at least not from what I remember: a long-term timeline. It gives a rough idea of when these documents and recordings, from both books, were discovered, which is great if you ask me.

Although I was hoping for more, I'm glad I read this book. It reminded me of why I loved The Dead House, and it proved to be just the right read for Halloween.

Rating: 3 cups
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I've always wondered how exactly did Eve die. I know it was before Stolen, but I couldn't remember the details. This short story tells the story of how she and Savannah were captured, their failed escape and, lastly, how Eve died.

Initially I gave it 5 cups, because the writing is, as expected, amazing, and Eve is my absolute favorite witch. Thinking about it now, however, I am a bit disappointed with how she actually died, enough to reconsider my rating and lowering it to a 3.5 cups. It's not that it's a bad story, but I wish she had gotten a better death. Does that make sense? In reading it I did got my excitement up to read the series again, so I'm thinking a reread is in my very near future.

Rating: 3.5 cups
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