Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guess who's back??

That's right! ME! *tackle-hugs everyone* So, I finally finished with my exams. They were hellish and long and stressful but I'm over them *phew* I only have three exams left for summer, but they're doable and I'm not worried about them. I would've taken them during this exam session, but I caught a nasty cold and I was feeling like crap most of the days and I have a fever almost every day *sniffle* Thank God I'm fine now. But it kept me from studying, so I couldn't take those exams :(

I also am starting to work on my thesis and it's going to be a great adventure and I love the subject. In a nutshell, it's about the social implications of using technology to communicate and the various outlets to do this, one of which is blogs (I do not feel like I'm cheating here, I'm using personal experience :P ).

I also managed to read some books in the last week, books that I've been dying to read for some time. I'll share reviews and thoughts starting next week.

Also, who's excited about the Oscars? *points at self* Yep, that would be me. I can't wait for Sunday, especially since one of my favorite people in the world (that's Jared Leto) was nominated for an award and I hope he gets it. Saw Dallas Buyers Club and I loved it and it was heartbreaking.

What else is new? *taps chin* Oh, I have to start searching for an internship soon, which is included in my school requirements and I'm trying to find one that suits me and that is near my home because it won't be a paid one. *pouty face*

Anyway, I am back (well, sort of). I'll be posting since Monday. I'll probably not be able to answer comments during the week though, because I'll be buried in school work, but I will answer comments and emails in the weekends.

I hope you had a great month and I can't wait to read my favorite blogs again (I feel like I've missed so much in these past few weeks and I probably have). Also, tell me what you've been reading. I'm looking for inspiration and recommendations :D
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