About me

About me
I'm a girl that currently lives in Italy, with a Psychology degree that loves reading. All kinds of books, not just romance. That is why, from time to time, I'll write reviews to non-romance books. These reviews are written for my own enjoyment (and, hopefully, for the readers of this blog). That means that I do not accept any payment for my reviews.

About the books I read
Like I said before, I read all kinds of books. I first discovered my passion for reading when a school mate convinced me to read Harry Potter. I was thirteen at the time. I had read other books before, but they were never enough to make me want to read anything I could put my hands on. A few months after reading the first three books about the boy who lived, another school mate introduced me to  The Lord of the Rings. My love for vampires started about a year or so later, when read my first Anne Rice novel, The Vampire Armand. I had already seen Interview with a vampire about once or twice, but I didn't realize that I wanted the book with the same title as the film, so I started reading the series out of order unfortunately.

Five years ago, a girl from college gave me the first book I've ever read about vampires that could have sex: Dead Until Dark by Carlaine Harris. Before this I read a little of everything. I discovered erotic romance with Lora Leigh, I tried history romance and I loved it too. I then turned to Shakespeare which I loved very much and that was odd, because I really don't care much for classics. The only other  "old" books I love were Pride and Prejudice and Paul Feval's The Hunchback and I could probably read these two over and over again.

I remember when I was about fourteen that I had a brief Robin Hood phase, when every book that counted were those about the famous outlaw. I read my first romance book when I was about fifteen. It was Invitation to Waltz by Mihail Drumes, a Romanian author, and the person who told me to read it was my Dad. It's not a book that has a HEA (happy ever after), it's a bittersweet story told from the hero's POV.

In high school I discovered chick lit and the first book in this genre that I read was Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella. I'm still not over my chick lit phase and I don't intend to get over it too soon.

My first mystery novel was a hit-and-miss. I tried The Da Vinci Code but I couldn't get caught up in the mystery of it. I tried again with The Labirinth by Kate Mosse and I discovered I actually did like the genre. I then read The Shakespeare Secret by Jennifer Lee Carrell, a wonderful story about the mystery around Shakespeare.

I'm usually trying to read from various genres, I don't want to stick with just one genre, because usually the various novels tend to become too much alike, even though they're written by completely different authors.

I'm one of those weird readers that cheat when reading, meaning that I read more than one books at the same time. I once managed to read four books at the same time. I do manage to keep the books separate, I know what happened in what book and when. I usually do this if the books aren't too interesting for me to want to read faster, but not too boring as to give up reading it. If I like a book too much, I usually read it really fast the first time, to follow the main plot and to see what happens with the main characters. Then I usually reread it, with more patience and more attention to the little details that I missed the first time. It hasn't happened a lot though, for me to find a book I want to finish in one day and to reread it right after finishing it.

So this is my story. I'll probably find something else to say in the near future. If you want to tell me something (like recommend books or want me to review your books or even to tell me that my English is bad... no, English is not my mother language) send me an email at  rubys_books@yahoo.com

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