Saturday, September 19, 2020

Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress


Hey guys. If you saw my tweets yesterday then you know that this weekend I'm hard at work to move my blog on WordPress. I was planning on going self hosted in 2021, and get the paid version of WordPress, but unfortunately...well my plans have been derailed a little bit, as with everyone else's thanks to 2020. 

There is really one big reason why I'm leaving Blogger. For reasons that I cannot comprehend they decided to change the interface. There are a ton of blogposts about this subject, so just do a search to see more reasons about that change. But it all comes down to a few things for me. 

The interface is not easy to navigate. It all seems to be based on icons that frankly are not always easy to understand and you kind of have to try and guess which one is the one you need. The HTML editor is a mess, making it all compact and it all seems to be one big block of text with no spaces line breaks or you know...everything that made it easier for me to edit my posts in HTML. Yes, you could argue that there's the "Format HTML" option, but I'm still not super fond of that either. I do have to say I appreciate the fact that they made it easier to understand if you have a problem in your code, you can quickly identify where the problem is, because of their use of colors in the code, but even then some errors just aren't that easy to decipher. Worst of all, some functions are gone completely and if you don't know HTML very well...well... you can't do whatever it is you want to do. Last but not least, I kiiind of think this interface is still a work in progress... That's just my opinion, since I know a few functions weren't available a few days ago, that are now available. Maybe I'm wrong, and if I am, I'm sorry for my assumption.


This weekend and probably on Monday I will be working really hard at making the new blog available. I was going to wait until I finish my last two blog tours of the month, but it's honestly not an option. I am unable to properly post the way I want to, the post formatting is now taking WAY longer than it should and frankly, I'm angry enough to not care that I have to be very quick and very efficient in my transition, and make it as smooth as possible. 

Because I'm moving, I'm also changing names. Yep. I'm finally going to start using my new blog name, Bookishly Ruby. There are a number of reasons why I wanted to change blog names once I would have gone self hosted, but ultimately it all comes down to kind of outgrowing the name Ruby's Books. This blog has morphed from being exclusively about books to me writing reviews about any type of content and art form that I enjoy consuming. It will still primarily a book blog, which is why Bookishly Ruby will be born. 

So excuse the dust and cobwebs for the few days that will follow. I promise to sort everything out VERY soon. In the meantime... Happy reading! 

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