Monday, September 7, 2020

TV Madness: Sen Çal Kapımı Bölüms 5-8 Review

Genre: Rom - Com | Channel: Fox Türkiye | Director: Ender Mihlar, Yusuf Pirhasan
 Starring: Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin

It's been a hot minute since I last reviewed my favorite Dizi and for that I am sorry. It's not that I stopped watching, it's that I've had a few things on my mind and there was never enough time, and then after a few episodes I had to ask myself how the heck can I ever catch up. Today I decided not even to try catching up, so I'm going to review bölüms 5 through 8 all in one post. I promise this won't go on forever though, so don't worry if you think you'll have to read what could be considered a novella. I'll only highlight my favorite scenes from the episodes and general impressions of where the story is headed to. Let's get started, shall we?

Bölüm 5 was all about the gang going to Antalya. The gang being Eda, Serkan, Selin, Ferit, Pırıil, and Engin. We get to see awesome scenes between them all, like Eda organizing a beach volleyball game, or Eda and Serkan having a business dinner with what could only be described as Future-Eda and Future-Serkan. That dinner was actually highly entertaining, and seeing the realization dawn on Eda and Serkan's faces that they were staring at their future selves basically had me laughing like a maniac.

My favorite scene from bölüm 5 is when EdSer go to Apollo's temple to watch the meteor shower. I think that's the moment when Serkan is starting to feel more comfortable with the change in his and Eda's relationship. He's definitely not aware of his feelings yet, but he's not exactly running away from the way their relationship is evolving either. Which is what he did in bölüm 3 if you guys remember.

Bölüm 6 is all about lessons. Eda agrees to a very risky business proposal in the name of the company, based solely on feelings, which sends Serkan in a very understandable rage moment. I loved it, because Serkan knows that in business you can't let your feelings guide you, and that's what he's trying to teach Eda. So he gives her a lesson, he tells her that since she accepted the project, which is impossible by everyone's standards, she has to complete it, and without help. Serkan is also on the receiving end of a lesson in this episode, equally important: sometimes trying is enough. It's not about succeeding sometimes, but it's about trying to succeed. Which is also a lesson he never expected to receive.

I have two favorite scenes from this episode. One is when Serkan sees Eda crying because she realizes that the project can't be completed, and he explains why he wanted her to try to deal with it by herself. And then the lovable dork pulls the rabbit out of the hat, because of course he can't resist helping his girl, and he not only brought more people to help, but he himself will oversee the house restoration project. The second favorite scene is at the end of the episode, when Serkan takes Eda to his special place, the place where he goes every year to honor a promise he made to his older brother. And even though there are no words exchanged, the scene feels so powerful, so significant for their relationship. Because this is more than he needs to do in order to make their relationship seem real to everyone around them. This is him opening up to her with something so personal, something he doesn't acknowledge to anyone else. I don't even think Engin knows he had a brother.

Also in this episode we see a slight shift in Eda's relationship with Aydan, Serkan's mother. Eda does something for Aydan that I think no one dared to do before, but it's something that when I first saw it I cheered, cried, swooned, and sighed all at the same time. And I hope that this will make Aydan see that Eda is the right girl for her son.

Bölüm 7 is when things begin to shift yet again between Eda and Serkan. Eda begins to understand that she may be falling in love with Serkan and is running scared, while Serkan feels... I don't know if he feels comfortable with his feelings for Eda, or if he's acknowledging them, but he's not trying to stop whatever is happening between them. He's happy to let things go the way they're going, and I don't think he's even contemplating taking a step back.

As with the previous episode, there's two scenes I adore. One is, obviously, when Serkan goes to that soup restaurant to surprise Eda and then when Eda gives him his birthday gift. It's just such a great scene, and you can tell that Serkan himself has grown as a person just by being next to Eda. And then the second one is when they go visit the site for the new project, that Eda is supposed to help with the landscape design. It's a beautiful scene because you can tell that he's trying to support her, show her that she can do things even though she hasn't graduated yet, while also trying to understand why nothing he says seems to please her. It's the first time where you can tell that Serkan is starting to get really tired of the small barbs Eda throws his way. He's tried the day before, but he was maybe convinced that she's jealous or that she's just trying to keep her end of the contract and make Selin jealous. The ending of this episode broke my heart. And unfortunately we get to experience it twice, because bölüm 8 shows that scene again.

The 8th bölüm sees Serkan and Eda struggle with the concept of trust. Serkan proves that he doesn't trust people, because he just doesn't know how, while Eda is hurt by the fact that Serkan doubted her integrity even for a second, even though she herself doesn't trust Serkan. Let's not forget that so far only Serkan opened up to her, telling her some pretty secret and important stuff about himself and his family, while Eda only shared that she grew up with Melo and the reason behind Melo calling her Dada. So it's interesting to see how the concept of trust is explored in this episode. It's not just EdSer struggling with trust. Ferit and Melo both have to struggle with that feeling in this episode, and it's super interesting to see how each character explores what trust is, each in their own way. Pırıil and Engin are also hit in the face by Serkan not trusting anyone, which makes them feel like they don't matter in the firm, and that their friendship means nothing to Serkan. So it's truly a great episode.

I once again had two favorite scenes. One was with Serkan and Aydan the night after Serkan accused Eda of selling his designs to Kaan. Aydan basically tells Serkan that his behavior was inexcusable, and that that kind of behavior is not something he should have had towards a woman, no matter who that woman is. Aydan also asks him to think really well if he would have behaved the same way towards anyone else, or if he behaved that way because it was Eda. I found it super interesting that Aydan seemed to pick up on the fact that maybe Serkan's actions and words were fueled by more than his general lack of trust in people.

The second scene I loved was when Serkan goes to the flower shop and Eda turns him away. He goes there fully expecting to charm his way out of trouble, he things that compliments are the way to go when it comes to winning her back, that and showing his cocky businessman side. He gets slapped in the face by the realization that it will take more than him being cocky or complimentary towards her for Eda to forgive him. It's a lesson he needed, because I believe every time he's hurt Selin in the past with his behavior, he was able to charm her back by praising her and telling her basically that she needs to forgive him. Serkan is not a bad man, he's just someone who's never been challenged and proven wrong. And Eda constantly does that, and it's why he has no idea how to behave or what to do in order to fix things now.

The episode ends with Eda returning the engagement ring and telling Serkan that their game is over. Based on the promos for this week's episode, I believe the true groveling phase shall begin and we will see Serkan earn her forgiveness rather than buy it. I'm very excited to see what happens, and hopefully they'll get to have an honest conversation about their relationship. Also I hope we get a proper kiss, not born out of mad fury like their first one, or because people were demanding it and they had to keep up appearances. So I'm very excited!
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