Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday #2

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Top Ten Bookish Confessions
Everyone has at least one bookish confession (Anything! You dog ear, you hated a book but said you loved it, you have $500 library fines...anything goes!). Join us in spilling our deepest held secrets around one of our most beloved pastimes. Everyone has a bookish confession. What's yours?

  1. I hate hardbacks. I just cannot stand them. They're too big, to heavy and they have a jacket that will most likely get ruined no matter how much I try to handle them with care. Also, I can't be sneaky during classes and pretend to pay attention while I'm actually reading the book that's on my lap, hidden by my backpack :P
  2. If a book is boring, I stop reading it. This is something that happens no matter where I am with my reading: the beginning of the book, the middle or 30 pages before the ending. If it doesn't make me want to turn the page, I won't. I figure I spent 12 years reading books I hated just because I wanted to avoid getting a bad grade, I will NOT do that with the book I read in my free time. Call me shallow, but I'd rather re-read a book I loved than finish a book I hate.
  3. Guest posts are fun, but finding the topic kills me. I'd rather do an interview with an author than find a topic for a guest post. I lack imagination with this kind of things. Plus, what if I choose a topic that has already been used for a certain author? I know, the chances are slim, but they still exist. 
  4. I usually shy away from books that get too popular, too fast. It happened with Harry Potter, it happened with Lord of the Rings and with a lot of other books. Some of those I've read and discovered the popularity and the almost hysteria is more than understandable and I in fact loved the books. Some I hated. I don't know why, maybe because hearing about them so much sets a higher level of expectations and it's easier for the book(s) to let me down. 
  5. I have no problem rereading a book more than 3 times. There are books (mostly series) that I love beyond what's "natural". You could call it obsession. For example the Dark Hunters series. I have lost count of how many times I've reread them. Same with Harry Potter and many other books and series.  I know the ending, I know the middle and I know what happens. But I still reread them with the same joy and whatever you want to call it, either pleasure or anxiousness or whatever, as the first time I read the book. (The same thing goes for a certain song that I get obsessed with and I'll listen to just that song for an entire day without getting bored *shrug* I'm a weird person, I know)
  6. I read the last few sentences of the book before deciding if I want to buy it. This happens if I don't know the author and, therefore, I'm not familiar with his/her works. Funny thing though, if I decide to buy the book and I finish reading it, I almost always forget the fact that I have an idea of how the story's going to end. It's like my brain hits a "delete" button or something.
  7. I have a mini-soundtrack list for each and every book I read. It happens with every book. Because I can't function without background noise (another testament to my craziness), I always read with music. So it happens that sometimes a certain song is perfect for a certain scene in a book, so I write it down or save it in a different playlist. By the end of that book I'll have at least 6 songs that I know will always remind me of that book. I might share those soundtracks soon ;) 
  8. I hate to see a mark/price tags or anything on my books. I hate it when bookshops stick the price directly on the cover. It looks ugly. That's why I tend to buy books from bookshops that don't do that. Shallow, I know, but I'd rather have a book wrapped in plastic with no way to check if it might be something I'd enjoy reading and therefore taking a risk in buying it, than have papers with prices stuck on the cover. 
  9. I'm obsessed with bookmarks. It's true, I collect them. And I have doubles, because I hate ruining the ones that I collect. And so I use and reuse the doubles until they're ruined and I have to go hunt for new ones. The ones that are intact or the ones I have only one copy of I keep them in a folder, wrapped in plastic. Will share photos sometimes this week.
  10. If I don't like one book of an author, chances are I won't be checking a different book by the same author. Again, it might sound shallow. But I can't imagine liking something by that author if I don't like the writing style in a book I didn't finish/disliked by him/her. It never happened before, to have a surprise like that. On the other hand, if I do like a book I randomly picked by an author, chances are I'll be checking most if not all of his/her works. 
I can think of many more "vices", pet peeves and such when it comes to books, but I'll stop at 10. I think I already sound like a crazy woman, there's no need proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt, right? *grin* Anyway, these 10 are the most important ones. 

What are your bookish confessions? 


  1. I'm not a fan of hardback's either. They don't fit in my bag and they're a pain to lug around.

  2. awesome I like bookmarks too and I do love digital books where you can carry it around with you no hassle ... you might also want to try this one out Blogging Profits Unleashed


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