Monday, March 4, 2013

TV Madness: Elementary

A few weeks ago, my very dear and best friend Lucy told me about this show. She said it was great, that it was a modern twist on Sherlock Holmes and that she loved it and that I should see it. Of course, because I'm a stubborn creature (...err...wait, no, that's wrong. I have a strong will...Yes, that's better) I didn't see it right away. I already am WAY behind with all of my fave TV shows, I really didn't need another new one to see. And I also barely have time to read, so I thought I should maybe wait for summer vacation when maybe, possibly, though not very likely, I'll have more free time.

Anyway, those plans where shot to hell when on one particularly stressful night, when I couldn't sleep at all, I was watching a local TV channel and Elementary was on. Because besides stressed I felt way too tired to even change the channels, I decided to watch it. Oh, what a great night that was.

I loved it. I honestly don't know how to tell you how completely perfect I think that show is. The actors are fantastic, the setting, the cases, the story line, everything. Though I can't say anything about how accurate it is because I haven't read Sherlock Holmes, I believe the writers did an amazing job.

I'm hoping there's a second season coming because honestly there's nothing I hate more than to fall in love with a TV show and with some characters and then find out it's been cancelled. Not that having more seasons softens the blow (*coughs* Leverage *coughs*). But at least I can see how the story and the characters develop.

Have you seen Elementary? If not, do see it. It is worth your time and it's a change from the regular TV drama/crime shows.
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