Monday, July 20, 2015

Obsessed With Covers #22: Forget Tomorrow, Forest of Ruin,Every Heart a Doorway

Y'all know how much I love a pretty cover. I think about...40% of the books that end up on my shelves (be they physical or digital) do so because of the covers. Call me shallow but you have to admit that a pretty, shiny cover will catch your eye faster than a dull, boring one. Two, simple rules that I'll follow:

  • 1, 2 or 3 (no more than 3, though) covers per week;
  • books should be new-ish; no more than 2 years old.
Oh, before I share the covers that made me drool or want to stare at them for hours and hours, I have to say something. This is a semi-original idea. Why semi? Because almost every book blogger has something similar. The only thing I came up with was the title. If by any chance there's another blogger with a similar feature with the same title, I assure you I'm not stealing your idea. I'm just THAT bad with titles. Believe me, I'd love to be smarter and have a witty name for this feature, but I don't. So, no copyright infringement/theft/steal or anything of the sort was desired. All I can say is sorry :P


Hey guys! How is this wonderful July treating you? I am in the middle of Hell's main oven, it seems. The heatwave made my poor, old laptop overheat so many times in the last two weeks, I've decided to use it only when I had to. Poor thing.

Anyway, While I'm taking advantage of a little break from the heat, I wanted to share some really beautiful covers I've seen lately.
I love birds. There's something about them that I just adore. So it's no wonder this cover drew my attention. Not only are there tons of winged creatures in it, the colors are amazing. I love how the big bird is not showing its face. And I love how its the only colored bird, all the other ones being black. It makes me thing that maybe the other birds are parts of the original one.

Forget Tomorrow - Pintip Dunn
 It's no secret that I love Kelley Armstrong, so I may be biased in my love for this cover. Then again, what is there not to like? There's a massive dragon on it. So I have to love it for that alone. It looks like the dragon is made of snow. And the snowflakes are creating a circle in front of the dragon, which gives me the illusion that maybe the dragon isn't really there, that it's a trick of snow and wind. Either way, I'd love to have this book on my shelf, because my shelf needs prettifying.

Forest of Ruin - Kelley Armstrong
This cover is so gorgeous. It's simple, which makes it even more beautiful. The door makes me wonder what's on the other side and if anyone can go through it. The forest behind it makes me think that maybe there are scary things both behind and in front of that door, that no matter what a character does, sometimes both sides suck. And the sun rays are beautiful too. The perspective seems a little off, maybe a little wrong too, but that adds something to the entire picture. I'd love to read this book, especially after reading the blurb.

Every Heart a Doorway - Seanan McGuire

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