Monday, August 10, 2015

Obsessed With Covers #24: Down With The Shine, Ghost On The Lake

Y'all know how much I love a pretty cover. I think about...40% of the books that end up on my shelves (be they physical or digital) do so because of the covers. Call me shallow but you have to admit that a pretty, shiny cover will catch your eye faster than a dull, boring one. Two, simple rules that I'll follow:

  • 1, 2 or 3 (no more than 3, though) covers per week;
  • books should be new-ish; no more than 2 years old.
Oh, before I share the covers that made me drool or want to stare at them for hours and hours, I have to say something. This is a semi-original idea. Why semi? Because almost every book blogger has something similar. The only thing I came up with was the title. If by any chance there's another blogger with a similar feature with the same title, I assure you I'm not stealing your idea. I'm just THAT bad with titles. Believe me, I'd love to be smarter and have a witty name for this feature, but I don't. So, no copyright infringement/theft/steal or anything of the sort was desired. All I can say is sorry :P


So, here are the prettiest covers I've seen this week.
I love, love, love this cover. I love the smoky drink/potion, which reminds me of home-made drinks. Then there are the stars in the background. I find it very interesting that the stars are sort of coming out of the potion's smoke. Makes me wonder exactly what does the drink do. Also, there are shadows on the sky surrounding the jar, but again, the jar is lit up. I must own this book based just on the cover.

Down with the Shine - Kare Karyus Quinn
This cover is gorgeous. If it were a painting, I'd hang it up above my bookshelves. The fact that we're seeing the lake from the bottom is amazing. And I love that the person is looking down. If this is part of a series, I'd love for the next cover to be from the person's perspective, see what they see at the bottom of the lake.

Ghost on the Lake - Alex Alexander

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