Wednesday, December 9, 2015

TV Madness: Strike Back

Hello lovelies! I've been in a funk ever since I graduated, mostly because I am still waiting to find an internship (apparently those are very difficult to find, even when you don't get payed *shakes fist*), which is why I've been missing. Anyway, I've read only a few comic books in this time and I need to review them soon, but first I have to talk about the awesome new TV show I just discovered, Strike Back. I will ask you to excuse my language in advance, but if you've watched Strike Back, you'll know it's appropriate. Also, in case you're wondering, this show is intended for mature +18 audiences.


How the fuck did I miss this show? Why did I not know about it? First of all, the first season has Richard Armitage in in, whom I love since he was Guy of Gisbourne in Robin Hood. And Andrew Lincoln. And then, for seasons 2 - 5 you have Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton. And then some really awesome guest stars. Allow me to fangirl.

 photo tumblr_m4b7geTGFE1rn1har_zpsa381e49f.gif 

Okay, I'm calm now. Somewhat.

Reasons to love the show:
  1. No censorship. This is a huge thing for me, guys! I don't know how normal people speak, but when I'm angry/scared/frustrated/in a bad mood, I curse. A lot. My swearing could probably win me a prize for inventive use of words, except it is "impolite" *rolls eyes*. But I always get frustrated when in some TV shows the most swearing is "son of a bitch". I need a "fuck" every once in a while. And Strike Back delivers, guys! There's inventive swearing and it makes me giddy and happy.
  2. The good guys sometimes lose. You know how frustrating it is to watch a TV show or a movie where everything turns out 99% exactly how it's supposed to, meaning the good guys win with few, even no casualties? Take The Avengers. Coulson died. What happened next? They made a TV show in which Coulson was revived. Not that I don't like Agents of SHIELD, I do, know, I want some realism sometimes. In Strike Back some of the good guys die and the only thing you can do is curse and cry. And I love that. Because in their line of work the good guys can and even will die. So there's the dose of reality that I'm craving.
  3. Good action. I love the action. I want a show where things get blown up, baddies are shot, there's blood everywhere, car chases, motorcycle chases... *le sigh* I think you get the point, right?
  4. Hot actors. Okay so, the show was on Cinemax. So there's sex in it. Lots of it. While some might be bothered by that fact, it didn't bother me. Not because I'm a perv, but because there's really a good reason for the sex. Some called the nudity gratuitous. Maybe it's the psychology degree, maybe because I watch toooons of TV shows. But there's a reason for the sex. And that reason made me love one of the characters more once I found what it was *cough*Damien Scott*cough*. There really is a good reason for it and it gets revealed in one of the seasons why he's a bit reckless. 
  5. Great characters. You probably know that in books, TV shows, movies I'm a character lover. I need good, amazing characters or I can't watch/read it. I just can't. If the characters don't call to me, if they don't make me want to root for them and if my only thought when they get hurt is "Oh well, maybe this will wake them up" then I can't continue with the story. So it's always amazing to get to read a book or in this case watch a TV show where I loved all of the characters. The good ones anyway. The villains I hated, but that was their job, to make me hate them. :P 
Reasons to not love the show:

I have none, guys. I just love the show. I heard a rumor that there's talks about a movie and I couldn't be more excited.

 photo tumblr_mbwpwj0MbY1rxpz1e_zpsg328r1xs.gif 

I need more of this show. I am not ready to admit that there's not going to be a new season (I'm in denial), so I might wait a few days and rewatch it. For science *wide grin*

What about you guys? Any new shows you've watched lately that you think everyone should see right away?
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