Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday #15: Top Ten Books I Want My Future Children to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Oooh, this is a good topic, guys! There are a ton of books I'd like my kids to read. Because, and I think this is the dream of any bookworm, that their kids will love reading just as much as they do.

  1. Harry Potter - This is an obvious one, really. I grew up with Harry Potter, with the anticipation of waiting for that next book and for that next adventure, and I'd love my kids to experience the wonder of Harry Potter
  2. Invitation To Waltz - This is one of the most important books in my life as a reader, because not only was it a recommendation from my dad, but also because it was the first "modern" romance book I ever read. It's also a sad book, but kind of innocent at the same time. 
  3. Mara - One of the few mandatory readings I finished and liked in school, this was a pretty awesome book, and a fast read.
  4. The Hobbit - This is a book about breaking out of the life pattern imposed by society, and finding adventure and finding oneself in that adventure. When I look back at it, it feels like more than just a simple story about a guy trying to find a dragon, it feels like a journey of self-discovery, and for me that's what life is all about. You just have to have the guts to step out of your hobbit hole.
  5. Chronicles Of Nick - This is a story, essentially, about not accepting the fact that there's a predetermined path you have to take and there's no way to fight it. It's about choices and how those choices influence the entire future of your life. There's a pretty awesome metaphor that Kenyon uses in her Dark Hunter series about a rock thrown into a lake and how after the rippling of the water stops, the water will still never be the same, because that rock never belonged at the bottom of the lake, which is one of the best metaphor about life in general that I've encountered, and I'd like my kids to fully grasp that. Also I'd start with CoN because it's more age-appropriate.
  6. The Five People You Meet In Heaven - Going in the same direction as the previous book, Albom's novel is basically about how your actions influence not just your life, but other people's as well, and that no matter how small or big, each of us has an impact on others. 
  7. Girl Against The Universe - This is one of the books that accurately shows what a therapist does and doesn't, and it's also one of those books that deals with mental health without attaching the cure of it to finding one's "twue wuv", which is important to me.
  8. Vampire Academy / Bloodlines - No matter the gender of these future kids of mine, I want them to read a book where girls and boys are both just as strong, just as capable of kicking ass, and that being feminine doesn't mean a woman can't be a warrior.
  9. Pride And Prejudice - There's no way my kids can miss reading this book. This is the actual first romance book that I read, but it's a classical one, a more stylish romance. It's still an important book to read.
  10. The Hunchback - This was my first book crush. It is a fantastic adventure book that I remember fondly of and it's a story of redemption in a way.
I would have loved to include more diverse books here, but to my shame I haven't read that many. Which I'm working on changing, because I do want my kids to be able to read them and learn from them.

What about you? Which books would you introduce your kids to?


  1. Harry Potter was on my list this week too!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/14/top-ten-tuesday-133/

    1. I think Harry Potter is one of those books that parents pass on to their children, which I love!


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