Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Movie Review

Finally!! I was starting to bite my nails waiting for this one! I can't say how much I loved the movie! It was awesome! Unlike the previous one, there were no major events missing from the movie.After that last one, I really thought I was going to be disappointed again. I'm so glad I was wrong. It's sad that this is the beginning of the end. Seeing all the kids at the cinema, I started remembering how I felt the first time I started reading Harry Potter, the weeks when all me and my friends did in school break was talk about the chapters we read the night before and how we complained about having to do homework instead of reading about the newest adventures of Harry and his friends and try and decide which of our colleagues was just like Hermione. 

It really feels like a chapter is about to end. Like that last link with childhood is about to break. It may be stupid, I know, but before the movie, I had hope. Like maybe JK Rowling would change her mind and write another HP book, or they'd decide to make a TV show or something. Now I know it will probably take years for something like that.

I only wish that the second part is just as good as this one. 
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