Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book review: Live Wire by Lora Leigh

Author: Lora Leigh 
Rating: 4 stars

Blurb (from Goodreads) :

"Meet Captain Jordan Malone. For years he has been a silent warrior and guardian, operating independent of government protocol or oversight, leading his team of Elite Ops agents to fight against terror at all costs. A legend in the field, Jordan’s true identity has remained a mystery even to his own men...until now.
Tehya Talamosi, codename Enigma, is a force to be reckoned with A woman this striking spells nothing but trouble for Jordan. Armed with killer secrets-and body to die for-she’ll bring Jordan to his knees as they both take on the most deadly mission they have ever faced. Because this time, it’s personal..."

 Today I am sad. I'm always sad when a series ends, when I know there probably won't be another story to wait for, another glimpse to the characters I love with all my heart. And no matter how many times you reread that series, it's not the same as the first time, when you were waiting and counting days till the publishing date of the newest book or when you spent countless hours on the author's forum, trying to see if there are new details, new hints or even rumors about the upcoming books.

I tried to avoid reading Live Wire as soon as I got it for these reasons. For six years Lora Leigh's fans have waited for this particular book, for big, bad Jordan Malone to finally find his match, his soul-mate. I have a feeling that maybe we were all hoping that the end would never come. And yet here it is.

Jordan Malone, a.k.a. Live Wire, always seemed untouchable, detached, almost cold. He was always the logical one, the one with all the plans, the one who had an answer for everything and the one who didn't mind stepping on a few toes if that got the job done. He never believed that love could last a lifetime, considering that love was just another name for lust.If in the other books from the Elite Ops. series I thought he was a cynical bastard, his story confirmed it. But he also is a very good friend, one that would risk his own life to help the ones he cares about.

Tehya Talamosi is the daughter of a terrorist. We first met her in Killer Secrets as the young girl trying to escape the fate that awaited her if her father ever found her alive. I liked her character very much and I always hoped that she would be the one who ended up with Jordan. I like way she evolved from the first time we met her. She's more confident, more daring than before.

I like the fact that we get to see the other guys too. I was a tad disappointed at first because the scenes with the others were few and short, but I think the ending scene made up for that. I like seeing all the couples being brought together and I think it was a good ending, even though bittersweet.

I also noticed that there were a few loose ends and that makes me hope for a new series tied to this one, but I'll just have to wait and see.

I didn't like was the editing. I hope maybe St. Martins will do a better job at editing in the future, because there were times when it was seriously annoying. Though I'll probably reread the book again and again, no matter the editing errors, because I loved the story.

I hope Lora Leigh will once again surprise us with a spin-off, a newer version of the Elite Ops. series and I hope it will happen soon. But if that never happens, I'm glad to have read this series. It was a very good one.

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