Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap-up


*phew* This weekend was full of blogging! I just wish I had more time. But, I did decide at the last possible moment to join, so it's completely my fault *sheepish* Anyway, I had a loooot of things planned. Here's how my To-Do list looked like when I joined in:

  • Catch up on writing reviews
  • Update the Reviews by Author page 
  • Update my Review Challenges pages
  • Publish reviews on Goodreads, Shelfari, Barn & Noble and the likes  
  • Finish designing the book badges 
  • Back up blog 
  • Update my Facebook page 
  • Design and upload the Social Media icons
  • Update the Copyright notice
  • Format all the upcoming posts for blog tours
  • Work on some banners for my features
Pretty long list, right? Here's what I actually managed to do:

  1. I published all my reviews on Shelfari. This took me a looot of time. I had no idea I published so many reviews *wide eyes* I also learned a pretty valuable lesson: publish a new review on all bookish websites I have an account on as soon as I publish said review on my blog. It takes less time and it's way easier than to do a bulk update at a later date.
  2. I updated my Facebook page. Again, the same lesson as seen above.
  3. I designed and uploaded the Social Media icons. I'm happy with how they turned out, actually.
  4. I updated the Reviews by Author page. It actually looks good right? Speaking of which, I have a big favor to ask. Please check the page out and tell me if it's easy to navigate or if it gives you errors and such, using the comment form on this post. I checked with a friend's laptop, but I want to make sure it works for everyone. Check if the anchors at the beginning of the page leads you to the respective letter in the post and things like that. Oh, and for "return to  top", you should check on the letter above the reviews. I hope that makes sense? Pretty please, with a cherry on top .
  5. I backed up my blog, not that it was that difficult :P
  6. I wrote some reviews. I'm still behind with that, so I can't exactly say it's finished *oops*
On a side note, I also updated my Challenge Policy and my Review Policy pages. I hope they're clearer now. 

Now, with the minichallenges. I have to admit, I didn't complete a lot of them *blush* Here's what I managed to do:

  • Made some templates and redid my blog schedule, thanks to Amanda from On a Book Bender. I had the templates saved into another old, now closed blog of mine, but turns out I was doing it wrong LOL. The idea to use the Notebook was great, so thanks for that!
  • Updated my review and giveaway policies using Donna's @ Girl Who Reads tips.
I didn't manage to do any new graphics, but, to be honest, I had zero inspiration this week. Maybe in the next few days. Also, did I ever mention how bad my drawing skills are? Well, they are. You'll probably bust a rib or something laughing when I finally use them. Then again, I am proud of them. They're actually pretty in a creepy, ugly-ish way :D

So this is what I managed to do. For a first time, late-in-deciding Bloggiesta, I'm actually very proud of myself. I can't wait for the next one, which I hear is going to be in March 29-31 2013. 

Now tell me, did you participate in this round of Bloggiesta? If yes, what did you manage to do this weekend? If no, I do hope you will join in next time. I had fun and I did learn a few new things :D


  1. Everyone else's Bloggiesta lists always make me think of things I should have done too! I dropped GoodReads and Shelfari but still post reviews on LibraryThing, and I never thought about going back and connecting all my past reviews there! The page looks great, but I haven't clicked on any links yet.

    1. I stopped using LibraryThing when I saw you have to pay in order to have more than 200 books in your shelf. Made me a little angry, I have to say *shrug*
      Thanks for checking the page!

  2. Looks like you got so much done! For number one..I usually do weekly or every other week...that way I'm doing more than one at a time, but not tons and tons.

    The reviews page seems to be working great! I had an error when I first opened it, but I think that was my internet and not the page.

    1. You are very organised and responsible then. I hate to say this, but procrastination must be my middle name LOL

      Thanks for checking! Blogger usually has random errors, but I wanted to be sure!

  3. I randomly checked a few letters on your author's page and it all looks good!

    Looks like you had a terrific Bloggiesta!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. I did have a good Bloggiesta. I just wish I decided to join in sooner.

      Thanks for checking the page! I was a tad scared. I tried to do that list thingie (sorry, HTML is so not my friend LOL) about 3 times already. I was about to give up, when a friend of mine gave me an idea on how to make it work :P Thank God for friends who know what they're doing with computers :D


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