Tuesday, May 14, 2013

# Book vs Movie

Book vs Movie: Beautiful Creatures

About a month ago I decided to take a "trip" to my favorite bookstore. I didn't plan on buying anything, I just needed to ogle...oops... I mean look at some new books and pick them up and pet them and then put them back on the shelf and go home. Did that sound just as bad in real life as it did just now in my head? Yeah, I usually look like an idiot that can't decide on a book to buy whenever I go there. Anyway, that is so not the point. *smacks self*

Back to my story. I was just looking at some random books and for some reason Beautiful Creatures stood out. It is possible that the huge sign with "- 15%" helped with that, but I'm not sure LOL. All I know is that I saw Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson on the cover (HUGE, huge fan of them both) and I said to myself that I need to see the movie. Of course, I then decided to buy the book and read it before watching the movie (it was difficult, because I so, so love Jeremy Irons and I needed to see the movie). But I made it *pats self on the back* I loved the book so much that I had really high expectations about the movie.

While I was watching the movie I was left a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, if I could watch that movie again, I would, just to see that scene with Irons and Thompson (I swooned and I almost yelled "YEAH!" at the end. I didn't though :D) But the movie didn't have some pretty important scenes and some characters as well aren't in the movie.

Remember when I said I was a fan of Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson? I am, I truly am. But at times I didn't think that the face managed the character in the book, you know what I mean? For example: Macon is such a dark, mysterious character. Refined, yet he can be a smart-ass. Smart, normal, yet I have no doubt that he has a lunatic side. Does this remind you of anyone? No? Alan Rickman anyone? I kind of thought Jeremy Irons was more fit to play Ethan's Dad. Don't get me wrong, Irons can be all of the above and more, but he seems too... gentle for this role. *hides from fans*

I was kind of expecting more from this movie. What happened with the pendant? And the visions? And Ethan's mom's BFF? And so many other little things, details that I wanted to see in the movie. I havn't yet read the other three books, but I have a feeling that these "little things" will be a lot more important than they seem.

OH! And another thing. And please don't throw something at me. On my copy of the book, right on the back cover, with proud letters, it says something about fans of Twilight and True Blood. Really? REALLY??? Twilight is vampires, True Blood is a TV show, nothing to do with Beautiful Creatures. Yes, I know True Blood is based on the Southern Vampires Mysteries series. But you can't really compare a TV show with a book. To me, at least, that's apples and oranges with a hint of bananas.

VERDICT: Book 1 - Movie 0

The book wins IMO.

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