Monday, March 28, 2016

# Blogging Extravaganza

Blogging Extravaganza #5: Tell Us Your Ways

Hello folks! Welcome to a new installment of the Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza. I know what you're thinking! "Ruby, you haven't posted in a while!" I know, I know, bad blogger. Work has been super hectic these last two weeks and I'm also having to deal with some personal stuff, and I couldn't find any energy to post anything. I'm enjoying the last days of Easter mini-vacation though, so I'm writing as many posts as I can. Oh, and I also know I missed some posts in this challenge. I've decided I'll still write and publish them, even if I'm a few days late, because I really enjoyed this event and because I really want to write those posts. Anyway, without further ado, let's get into today's topic, which is about some tips and tricks about how I personally blog.

You're going to think I may not be the most adequate at giving out advice when it comes to blogging. But I do have some ideas and some things that I do to help me blog, and I'll share those with you.

  1. Keep a diary
  2. You're going to think I'm joking. I'm not. I actually have a diary for my blog. It's mostly filled with random notes about reviews, discussion post ideas and book soundtracks, but it helps me a lot. Because I am one of those people that think better writing things down by hand, it can be really difficult sometimes to transfer those on my blog. It's hell, actually. But, even if it is time-consuming, it is a great way for me to keep the ideas coming and to not forget what happened in a book when I need to write a review.

  3. Write that post no matter what
  4. Have you heard of those writers that tell other people who want to become writers to just sit in front of a computer and write down whatever it is that comes to mind? I find that if I really commit to writing down something, eventually it will turn out into a fit-to-be-published post. This is usually true only for discussion posts, since I love to babble on and on. With reviews it's kind of difficult to apply this technique, mostly because it's about my inspiration on what to actually say about a book, especially for those books I absolutely adored.

  5. Write down a schedule
  6. I know, you'll think I'm such a hypocrite. BUT! I've actually used schedules before and, when I was posting more regularly, the schedules helped.

  7. It's all about that playlist
  8. As you probably know, music is a big thing for me. Just go on Youtube, Spotify or 8tracks and pick a playlist that you like or put on a random playlist to discover some new, cool music, that will also inspire you to write. (Right now, I'm listening to country music, because country music rocks!)

  9. Change it up
  10. I know this is supposed to be mainly a book blog, but have you noticed I'm also occasionally writing about movies or TV shows? If something inspires you to write a post and share it with the world, then write it. It's your blog!

  11. Get inspired
  12. Don't be afraid to look at other blogs or media to get ideas for posts. PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS AS PERMISSION TO PLAGIARIZE. There's a difference between getting ideas and copying without permission. And if you're not sure if getting an idea from someone for your post constitutes as plagiarism, ASK. Send an email to the original blogger and ask if you can use their post as inspiration for something for your blog, wait for their answer, and if it's positive, go ahead and write that post. AND CREDIT THE ORIGINAL BLOGGER!!

  13. Do you
  14. Don't try to fit a mold. Some people use GIFs in their reviews, some don't. Other bloggers that I follow write a summary of the book they're reviewing in the review, others don't. A few bloggers write their reviews in the form of lists, others write super lengthy reviews. The point is, everyone has different styles in blogging, so don't try to do what you think readers might like. Do what you like. I love it when I can feel a blogger is passionate about what they're talking about, no matter the format. Just as I can tell (and readers/viewers in general can tell this) when a blog post or a booktube video is forced or not necessarily something that the blogger loves/likes.

  15. Write about what you want to write about
  16. This ties up to number 5, so again, if you want to write about a new recipe that you discovered or a new TV show, or your newest favorite album, do that!

  17. Don't be afraid to say no
  18. I've found that ever since I took down my Review Policy page and since I decided not to accept review requests, my blogging has gotten more easier. I still receive books for review, but these are books that I request from Netgalley or books that I receive based on certain criteria (like adding them to my TBR on Goodreads). But since I started saying no, I found that I'm much more relaxed in my blogging.

  19. Take breaks
  20. I swear, these help 10000000000%. When you start to feel burned out or uninspired, take a blogging break. Your blog will still be there when you clear your head and find something you want to write about, I promise. And your followers will be there also.

So that's it, that's how I do it. Or that's how I try to do it. What about you? How do you blog?

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