Saturday, April 9, 2016

Confessions of a Weird Reader #7: Me vs. Book Reading Slump

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Today I want to talk about reading slumps. They're a bitch, aren't they?

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January was a really weird month for me in terms of reading. I actually started the year with a reading slump, if you can believe that. Here I have all the time in the world to read and I didn't like anything. Now, when I say anything I might be exaggerating just a tiiiiiiiny little bit, but I didn't enjoy a huge chunk of my reading material either.

So I decided to try something I have never done before. The idea came from another blogger (sorry if I don't remember who you are!) that last year decided that for one full month she was going to read books written by African-American authors. Cool, awesome idea that I decided to borrow, with a tiny twist.

February and March were both a little mixed. I read backlist books, mostly from Marc Levy, which you all know I adore and love. Apparently I also succeeded in kicking my reading slump's behind, because the ugly thing never showed its face again.

For some reason I got really excited last Friday when my eyes just happened upon my non-fiction shelf. I don't own a lot of those, and most are either psychology books or history books. BUT I've decided to make April a mostly non-fiction month. I will probably also read some fiction along the way, especially before going to bed, but so far I'm really enjoying this idea.

As you probably also know this about me, I'm a huuuuuuge freebie ebook hoarder. Because of that, May is going to be the month of the freebie reads. (I feel like I should mention this: legal freebie reads! Kobo/Kindle freebies are the best and I hunt them down any chance I get <- all="" at="" didn="" p="" scary="" sound="" t="" that="">
Anyway, this is my "magic" solution to avoid a reading slump this year. I hope it works, because I say this again, I hate reading slumps. And I'm sure so does everybody else who identifies as a bookworm.

What is your magic solution to get out of a reading slump? Any tips & tricks?
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