Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Chatter #15: The Art Of Commenting

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WARNING: Some bad words might be used in the following post. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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Happy Wednesday folks! I hope your week was good so far and that it continues to be just as good, if not better. 

Here's a topic that has been discussed again and again by tons of other bloggers: commenting.

For some reason commenting on blogs is hard. I don't know if it's because I'm a shy individual or if it's just my insecurities talking, but most of the time I fear that my comment will either not make sense or that will make people hate me. Or other times I feel like I don't have anything intelligent to say.

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My biggest problem with commenting though is my tendency to write a short novel whenever I do comment. It's a strange thing. As much as I struggle to come up with a lengthier post or review or whatever, I tend to go on and on and on when I'm leaving a comment. It's actually made me delete the entire thing in the past, just because I'm sure the blogger would look like this when reading my comment:

Have I also mentioned I'm struggling with shyness? No? Well I am. It doesn't look like it (I do tend to curse a lot) but I am. Anyway, I love reading other bloggers' posts and I usually feel like a giant asshole if I just exit the page without commenting, especially if it's a post about something of interest to me, but at the same time what do I say??? Because I hate saying "Hey, nice post, I agree with you" and then that's that.

The logical side of my brain knows that commenting is basically like having a virtual discussion with someone, but I tend to talk a lot, so...yeah. It's easier with commenting on Twitter because hello limitation, but when I have no fixed number of characters to use, I feel like the floodgates are left open and I'm just a tiny little fish in an ocean....ALL THE POSSIBILITIES!

So I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to be a pro-"commenter"? Or maybe on how to leave good comments without sounding like an idiot or without writing an answer that's longer than the post itself? Also, do you guys struggle with leaving comments as much as I do? And if so, how do you deal with it? What's your secret?


  1. I guess I shouldn't really give you advice bc I'm one of those people who writes at least a paragraph every time I comment LOL. I always feel like the more the better???? Maybe not. But I've never gotten a long comment on my blog and thought anything weird about it, so I think it's okay???? I hope it is anyhow! I think whatever first pops in your head while reading someone's post, you should just write it in the comment box and press send. Don't second guess yourself. I'm sure whatever you have to say will be perfectly intelligent and more than welcomed by whatever blogger wrote the post :)

    1. That's actually great advice! I'm one of those people that stress over what they say. Not because I necessarily care how people perceive me, but it's more about me not being fully adult yet (HA! If I ever will be!) and not knowing exactly if something I say sounds/is offensive. I tend to talk first and then think about my words, especially if I'm passionate about something. It takes a really special topic to make me stop and plan what I'm saying. I personally love long comments, but I always fear it's because I'm the weird one :)))

      Thanks for stopping by :D

  2. I think it's important to write what you thought about the post's topic, and honestly long comments aren't a bad thing in my opinion. After all if you say lots then it enables people to have things to talk about with you, and therefore make it into more of a discussion rather than just a comment.

    However, I totally understand about not knowing what to say for some posts, sometimes I just bookmark the page, go away, think about it and come back it a few days later and comment then (doesn't always help but...yey, it does sometimes!).

    1. I never thought about bookmarking a page and coming back later. That's actually a great idea! And you're right, writing long comments allows for a long answer and for a conversation to start :D

      Thank you for stopping by :D


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