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Anti-Valentine's Day Tag

Bookish Tag @ Ruby's Books

Hi everyone! It's been ages since I last did a tag, and I have hoarded a lot of them oops. I also am very much aware that Valentine's Day is way behind us, but this is just to show how much I don't care for this particular...celebration? Whatever you want to call it (the romantic gene skipped a generation or two in my family LOL).

Anyway I was tagged by both Isabelle and Sophia to do this tag and I'm going to answer both sets of questions in one post. Let's get started!

Here are the rules for this lovely tag:

  • Link back to the blog that tagged you!
  • Answer the 10 anti-Valentine’s Day questions provided.
  • Come up with your own 10 anti-Valentine’s questions for blogs you tag.
  • Tag ten other bloggers to do the tag!

Isabelle's Questions:

  • A book where the non-romantic — i.e. friendship and/or family — relationships are given at least as much importance as the romance?
The only book that comes to mind is Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. You see how each pack member has a pretty strong connection with their pack leader, Jeremy. There's another amazing relationship within that world, between Paige and Adam.

  • A pairing whose dynamic you’d love to have with a future partner?
I'm going to take it back to Bitten and say I'd love to have the type of relationship Elena and Clay have. Yes, it started off with a bit of a power imbalance, and yes Clay did bite her, but they still have an amazing relationship. I just hope that if my future partner is a werewolf, they give me the choice to become a werewolf instead of you know....bite me into it.

  • Kiss/Marry/Kill: a popular love triangle of your choosing. (Some ideas: Gale/Katniss/Peeta, Jacob/Bella/Edward, Jem/Tessa/Will, Lexa/Clarke/Bellamy, Josh/Lara Jean/Peter Kavinsky, etc.)
So I'm way too old to feel comfortable picking YA love triangles, and all of my adult love triangles are actually menages and I'd never in a million years consider killing any of the people in it so....

  • A romance trope that you’d like to see more of in commercial fiction?
Hmmmm....This is actually a tough question. I actually can't think of one that is specific to the romance genre. I do wish commercial fiction would include less crying scenes for female characters, but I guess that's not the proper answer here OOPS

  • Turn one of your favorite pairings into an OT3/thruple with another character. (They can be from the same book/series or a different one, totally up to you as long as they’re not an established love triangle.)
Okay so I'm trying to think who would benefit from having a third member added to their little world. I need to sit on this question, because no couple comes to mind. I mean I could say I'd sacrifice myself and become the third in Ian and Charlie's relationship from Lexi Blake's Masters and Mercenaries series, just for science.

  • Make the case for a romcom movie/TV show being better than the original book.
*dramatic gasp*

Are there any rom-com movies/TV shows based on books? I mean yes there are, I know that, but I haven't...I either haven't seen the movie or I haven't read the book. The only one that comes to mind that I've both seen the movie and read the book is A Walk To Remember. But even then, the book was a bit better than the movie. Even though I loved the movie, the book had a few scenes that were completely omitted from the movie, like the one from the orphanage, and the one in the beginning, with him an old man remembering his love.

  • Your favorite “opposites attract” pairing?
Keely and Jack from All Jacked Up by Lorelei James. They have all my favorite tropes into one relationship: there's opposites attract, enemies to lovers, AND fake relationship, so it's the perfect read. Also the perfect story for Keely.

  • The book that gets the closest to your ideal meet-cute? (Also describe the scene, obviously!)
Listen... A small part of me is still a lot swoony over how Elena and Clay met, and you get a glimpse of that in Bitten, but there's a short story in one of the Otherworld anthologies Kelley Armstrong released that could be a prequel to Bitten and it shows how they met. Now... the gist of it is Clay was a teacher at Elena's university, and Elena went in for the job opening he had posted, I don't remember if it was TA or something else. I don't remember all that well if they met before, during a lecture, or if they met when she went to apply for the job. I kind of want to say they met in class and he was rather rude to her, but I'm not sure. Now, the other part of me is kind of against it now, because I've worked as a teacher. Granted, my experience was with high school teaching, not university, but I'm still a little bit not okay with it. That being said, I still love them, and yes, my teenage and student selves would have loved to have meed a SO like that.

  • A love triangle where you wish the protagonist had ended up with neither?
Does Twilight mean anything to you? Listen... I've only seen the movies, but even so, I'm not impressed. With any of the three people involved in that hot mess.

  • Pick a fictional love interest to steal for your own Valentine’s date.
I'd say Ian, but I'm so afraid of Charlie, man. She's scary!

Sophia's Questions

  • Name a cute romance in which you will go down with the ship.
Most of my romances aren't "cute" per se, they're more...Okay Ian and Charlie. They're not cute, at all, they're intense, crazy for each other, and very very hot and heavy, but they're adorable.

  • What’s one underhyped romance you want everyone to read?
Ummmmm.... Hmmm... I have nothing to say. I can't think of a book that's underhyped or a love story that's underhyped, at least not one that would be available to English speakers.

  • Name a relationship in which you’d rather toss into the fuck it bucket than go down with it.
Bella with either Edward or Jacob. Oh and Sookie Stackhouse with anyone but Eric Northman.

  • Name a book in which the romance overpowered the plot but you actually enjoyed.
I honestly can't think of one that was promised as one thing and then it turned out it was more love story than plot.

  • What book features an ideal date you would like to go on with your partner/potential partner one day?
I... So here's the thing. My mind went to some really, really dark places. I'll only say the book that first popped into my head was Lexi Blake's Love and Let Die and there's some... let's just call it "light and temperature show". That's it. That's all I can say, without giving out spoilers. Soooo... yeah.

  • A book that had no romance but you wanted to have romance?
Actually there isn't such a book. I've never encountered a book that didn't have any romance in it that I wish it had. I can name a few books I wish didn't have romance, but usually when I read a book that isn't in the romance genre and where the blurb doesn't hint at any romantic involvement, I don't feel the need for that added element.

  • Who’s your favorite stabbing character, one who would wield a weapon in a heartbeat?
Elena Michaels and Charlie Taggart. It's a tie between these two ladies.

  • A ship that never happened but you want to squish those characters together and WANT to happen.
Can Sookie and Eric get a rewrite? No, it doesn't count? Oh okay FINE. Ummm....I'll take this in the TV shows segment of my shipping activity and say I'm still salty about Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston not happening.Thank god for fan fiction!

  • A love interest you hated so much you would rather by squished by your TBR than fall in love with them.
I'm looking at you, Sam Merlotte, I'm staring right at you!

  • A fictional crush you would murder to get out of a sticky situation.
*gasp* NONE! They're my babies. Okay, I'd probably sacrifice.... Yeah no, I can't sacrifice anyone.


This tag was sooo much fun. I'm going to tag you, the readers of this blog post, and I'll let you pick whichever 10 questions you want from the ones I answered. In case you do this tag and you feel so inclined, hit me up with a link so I can check out your answers!
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