Sunday, December 11, 2011

Things I've learned this year

I have to admit I didn't quite manage to be as organized in my blogging as I planned at the start of the year. My first mistake was to not write the reviews as I read the books. I've also learned that I need to have more diverse posts, not just memes and reviews. I need to interact more. I've blogged before, but it was my first blog was mostly filled with rants and talks between me and some dear friends of mine. Kind of like a public e-mail. But I do know that interaction is important, so I'll do more of that next year :D

Another thing I've learned is to respect schedules. I had a lazy summer, letting myself get pulled by that reading funk I get every year. You know, the one where no book is appealing enough. I promised myself I won't do that in the future. I'll search books that I hear a lot of talk about, at least to figure out why it's so liked.

Another thing this experience has taught me is to be very open-minded about the genres I'm willing to read. I've had a few pleasant surprises and I found that there are some genres that I actually enjoyed more than I thought.

Last but not least it's best for me to start reading challenges with less expectations. That way, they don't look so hard to fulfill.

So this is what I've learned this year from my book blogging. What have you learned this year?
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