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Blog Tour Book Review: Mad World Desperation by Samaire Provost

Author: Samaire Provost
Series: Mad World #3
Publisher: Black Raven Books
Release Date: October 4th 2013
My Rating: 4.5 cups
Source: review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review
Blurb (from Goodreads):

“Forget what you thought you knew about this story, because everything is about to change.
With Alyssa near death, Luke, Jacob and their companions make a desperate attempt to reach Boston with the final ingredient needed for the plague antidote. They must travel through the Canadian wilderness, some of the roughest country in North America. Along the way they are joined by new friends and old as they fight to reach their destination and save Alyssa. What they don’t know is that something is hunting them.
Something evil is lurking, waiting to strike when they least expect it.
After years of fighting courageously against the living plague, they’d thought they knew their enemy. They’d believed their wits, bravery and strength would be enough to win this fight against the threat that had overrun so much of the world they once knew. But they were wrong.
Now Luke, Risa, Jacob, DeAndre and Jonathan face their most dangerous trials yet as they battle the ever-present zombie threat, along with a new challenge they never saw coming. How many ways can this plague try to kill them? Find out, in the latest installment of the Mad World series.”

I have been waiting for this book for so long! I was actually a bit scared to start it at first, because of the huge cliffhanger at the end of the previous book and I seriously hoped nothing bad would happen to the characters I've grown to love.

The book is everything I expected it to be. The action is very fast paced and it kept me on the edge the whole time. There were a few big surprises that I did not expect along the way. The first one is that this book is told not from Alyssa's POV, like I was used to, but from Luke's, her son. It was a good surprise and a good change. It really is a great thing to see the events told from someone else's perspective. There where other things that I didn't expect, but they were all positive. I can't really talk about them, because of spoilers, but trust me when I say that they don't disappoint.

There were some scenes that are very creepy and very detailed. They weren't necessarily as gross as I was expecting them to be, or at least not all of them, but there were some that were pretty terrifying. There were some other scenes that just blew my mind. A few of them made me extremely sad and the amazing thing is that they were about the zombies, the "bad" guys.

We also get to see someone from the past that I never thought we'd see. He was a nice surprise and I do hope we get to see more of him. In a very weird way, this guy kind of grew on me. We also get to meet new people and there are some new developments in this world that I think will be very interesting to discover in the next book.

There were some moments where certain scenes felt a bit too rushed, but all in all I really, really loved this book. I can't wait to see what happens next with the characters and if the plague will finally be stopped.

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Author Bio: 
Samaire Provost is a novelist living in California. Author of the Mad World trilogy: EPIDEMIC ~ SANCTUARY ~ DESPERATION. Her upcoming work is a vampire thriller slated to be released in early 2014.

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