Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Comic Book Tuesday #2: True Blood

You might remember this story, but the Southern Vampires Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris was my first trip in the land of current urban fantasy. Up until that point I only had the 70s image of a "modern" vampire, as portrayed by Anne Rice. About 2 years after I discovered Sookie Stackhouse, the TV show True Blood came out. I was in nerd heaven, not only because I was excited to see some of my favorite characters on TV, but also because it was a good story, that deserved some screen time. While I did give up on the show and I haven't yet finish reading the series, I still get a bit excited when I remember about Bon Temps and the characters that live there and around the town. So when I saw that there were some comic books with the TV show characters, I decided to try them out.


First, let me start by saying that the one thing I did not miss was the ever-present "Sooookeeeh" that Bill said about...oh, roughly 5 million times an episode. As far as story goes, both of them used the TV show depictions of the characters. Not that I mind, since we got to see the hunk that is Eric Northman in the first one *drool*. I did quite enjoy the Tainted Love story a bit more, as it was more centered on Jessica, at least the first issue. I really liked Jessica, even though she was a new character, that wasn't in the books, and while I was watching the show I wanted more scenes with her, as she was a really interesting addition to the story. And I am curious to see how the story in the comic book ends, so I plan on buying the rest of the issues.

Both books have really beautiful art and with both of them you can kind of see that the artists tried to make the characters resemble the actors. I was a bit disappointed by that aspect, but then again it is understandable that the characters would be drawn to resemble the actors playing them.

If I were to rate these first issues, I'd give them three cups each. I do however have to say that reading them made me want to go back and read the series from book one. And I do plan to re-read them soon.
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