Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Comic Book Tuesday #6: Sensation Comics #1

When I was about 5 years old there were two TV shows I was crazy about: Star Trek and Wonder Woman. Like I said when I first started this feature, I wasn't a comic book reader as a kid. But I loved Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. Why? Well, because it was a woman. I remember being fascinated with the idea that she was her own hero and that she could take care of herself, that she could save the day. I don't have many memories about the show itself, except for being absolutely in love with the way she'd change from her regular, civilian clothes, into her superhero outfit. I also remember her cuffs, which I've had an appreciation for even then. So I was very excited to read the origin story of Wonder Woman because of those reasons.

Before starting the book, I was kind of scared, in a way, that the story wouldn't live up to my expectations. I'm happy to say that the book was a very good read. I loved the vintage feel of it too. Since this issue was from what it's known as the Golden Age of comics, it doesn't have the flashy, every-panel-is-a-mini-painting look to it, but that's actually what made the read more enjoyable. Obviously, with the books I've reviewed before, I was impressed by the art, but this comic was exactly like I imagined old comics should look like.

Diana's storyline isn't as rich as I wanted it to be, in a way. I would love to read about her childhood and about life on Paradise Island. I don't know if this is addressed in later versions of the character or in later issues from this story line, I hope it is. The thing I liked most was that she was just as badass as I remember her to be. I am curious about the later issues and how her story is continued. I also am very intrigued about the other versions of the character, so I might dive into those as well, once I finish this original story line.

I'm glad I read this book and that my expectations were met, even though they were pretty high. I cannot wait to read more. Also, this made me curious about the origin stories of other superheroes, so I might try to get my hands on those as well.
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