Monday, June 17, 2019

Down The TBR Hole #15

Down The TBH Hole @ Ruby's Books

Hello dear book lovers and welcome to another post in the Down The TBR Hole feature hosted by the awesome Lia.

It is with great pride that I start today's episode of Down The TBR Hole feature. Why, you ask? Because I managed to not add one book on my TBR. That's right, people! My TBR today is where I left it off last week, at 2830 books. I know this number is not mind-blowingly impressive, but to me this is a step in the right direction. Let's start fast before this changes, shall we?

  • The Chocolate Lovers' Club by Carole Matthews - The mention of chocolate is enough to convince me to keep this book on my TBR and bump it up on my list so that I can read it sooner, but the rest of the blurb is convincing me this is a book I need to read soon. Verdict: It stays
  • Maid For Murder by Barbara Colley - I don't have any memory of  adding this book. I know why I added it though. At the time GR is telling me I added this I was in the mood for some cozy mystery, and I tended to go wild and just add a bunch of books that called out to me. Reading through the blurb now, however, I don't think this book is the right fit for me. Verdict: It goes
  • Marked by Elisabeth Naughton - I've had this book on my Beat The Backlist for 2 years in a row, and I swear that I'll read it before June is over. It has been decided, guys! Verdict: It stays
  • Moon Dance by J. R. Rain - I've seen this book be called a mix between True Blood and Stephanie Plum. Which sounds great, and I'm also intrigued by the blurb. I want to know who this Kingsley guy is. Verdict: It stays
  • Countermeasure by Chris Almeida, Cecilia Aubrey - I see romantic suspense as a genre, and I'm sold. TBH I don't really know why I haven't yet read this book, given that I'm very much in love with this genre. I plan on correcting this mistake soon. Verdict: It stays

  • Night Walker by Lisa Kessler - I've previously read and loved Lisa Kessler's books, so I will definitely be reading this one as well. I'm probably going to bump it up on my list and read it in the summer. Verdict: It stays
  • Cobbogoth by Hannah L. Clark - I honestly have no memory of adding this book, and reading the blurb hasn't really helped me all that much. I also saw that the book isn't currently available on kindle, so I probably won't be reading this book anytime soon. Verdict: It goes
  • Silence by Michelle Sagara - Another book I have no memory of. I can see why I added it though, since there's mentions of Necromancers and I haven't read that many books about them. That being said, the reviews for this book aren't convincing me to read it anytime soon, so unfortunately it goes. Verdict: It goes
  • Deeper Than The Ocean by Dee Carney - I remember this book. Finally, a book that know when and why I added it. It was before mermaids were cool again, when I wanted to read more stories about mermaids. Then I kind of got into a strange reading mood, so the moment passed. That being said, I do want to read this book, so I'm going to keep it on my TBR. Verdict: It stays
  • Rapture by Renee Field - Much like the previous book, this book also has mermaids in it. Because of that, I'm also keeping this book. Verdict: It stays

  • Caressed by Night by Amanda J. Greene - This is another case of "I have no clue when I added this book". Which seems to be a trend today. I notice this is the second book in the series, which I didn't realize when I prepared today's list to be honest. The blurb reminds me a little of old-school vampire books. I think I'll only keep book one of this series on my TBR, and go from there. Verdict: It goes
  • Spectral by Shannon Duffy - I have a vague memory of this book, but this is yet another victim of my reading moods. Unfortunately enough time has passed that I don't really feel the urge to pick this book up anytime soon. Verdict: It goes
  • Entwined by Heather Dixon Wallwork - I've had mixed results with reading retellings, but I see this book is loved by a lot of people, so I'm going to keep it on my TBR because I'm intrigued. Verdict: It stays.
  • Boyfriend From Hell by E. Van Lowe - I remember this book, and I remember it well, however I don't think this is the book for me now. I should have read this book years ago, but now I don't feel the same desire to read it. Verdict: It goes
  • Heart Mate by Robin D. Owens - Old school paranormal? YES PLEASE. I don't know why or how I forgot to read this book up until now, but I am going to correct that mistake soon. Verdict: It stays

  • Wilder's Mate by Moira Rogers - I have this book on my Beat the Backlist shelf and I'm thinking of making September the month of backlist books and freebies, so that I can finally get on top of those two lists. Verdict: It Stays
  • Caressed By Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene - As I said before, I'm going to read this book. There's vampires and historical romance, and I'm thinking this is a good recipe. Verdict: It stays
  • Christmas at Tiffany's by Karen Swan - I am not saying I'm ready for winter, because that would be a big fat lie even though the heat wave is upon us, but I am ready for winter reads. This book promises some self discovery from the main character, Cassie, and I love those types of stories. Verdict: It stays
  • Merrick's Destiny by Moira Rogers - I figure since this is a novella that goes right after Wilder's Mate, I might just read it after reading the first book of the series, so come September I'll have them both in the "read" shelf. Verdict: It stays

It stays: 13/19
Moved to the maybe shelf  0 /19
It goes: 6/19

I'm actually proud of myself, guys! I managed not to move any of the 19 books on my maybe shelf, which is an accomplishment. That is something I'm struggling with, because I'm feeling a bit guilty each time I take one off of my TBR. Anyway. After today's cleanup I am left with *drum roll please!* 2824 books. This makes me happy. Very happy. We're moving forward, people! Hopefully I'll get to that 2500 mark soon.
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