Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dirty Little Secret (2)

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This week's question:

So it's V-Day. You are all dressed up in your tiniest, yet most expensive undies (go figure!), got a dress on your mother would definitely disapprove of and enough condoms to keep a football team happy, where are you going and which of your favourite book boyfriends are taking you there?

The beach is where I'm going. And somewhere warm, away from all the Siberian cold influences and snow and freezing wind and rain and cloudy days. On an island probably. But one that doesn't have sharks. Or deadly fish or other creatures that might transform an otherwise happy vacation into a hellish vacation. Now as for my book boyfriends, that is a difficult choice. I think I'd go with Acheron, leader of the Dark Hunters. Let's face it, that man is a god, so he can probably keep me safe from anything and anyone. Plus, he's so tall, I wouldn't have to be afraid of wearing high heels around him. (I'm not a mountain, but I'm not exactly petite either).

Who would you bring? And where would you go?


  1. I like Acheron, but not in a take-him-to-a-beach-and-have-my-way-with-him-like-way. I like him more like in a smurf homey way

  2. Hmmm the beach is popular this week! LOL Too bad I didn't think of it

  3. @The Librarian: He makes a cute smurf, doesn't he? Well, I have two main reasons why I'd run away with him. Besides him being so sexy and those eyes of him would drive me nuts (because I do think his eyes are hot), my second very important reason would be to question him. Since he's older than dirt, he can tell me about anything and everything: since Ancient Egypt and how they built the pyramids, to the biggest secrets of the 21st century. So it would be business AND pleasure :D

    @Elise: I think this winter makes everyone wish for warm and beach :P I don't mind the snow, but the cold is driving me nuts.

  4. Somewhere warm is a good thought, i should have used that. Well a cave could be warm...? Awk well lol.

    TT @

  5. The beach sounds lovely. It just snowed here last night, and today's high is 25F.

    My DLS


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