Monday, June 15, 2015

Obsessed With Covers #20: Passenger, A Thousand Nights, The Accident Season, These Shallow Graves & A Whole New World

Y'all know how much I love a pretty cover. I think about...40% of the books that end up on my shelves (be they physical or digital) do so because of the covers. Call me shallow but you have to admit that a pretty, shiny cover will catch your eye faster than a dull, boring one. Two, simple rules that I'll follow:

  • 1, 2 or 3 (no more than 3, though) covers per week;
  • books should be new-ish; no more than 2 years old.
Oh, before I share the covers that made me drool or want to stare at them for hours and hours, I have to say something. This is a semi-original idea. Why semi? Because almost every book blogger has something similar. The only thing I came up with was the title. If by any chance there's another blogger with a similar feature with the same title, I assure you I'm not stealing your idea. I'm just THAT bad with titles. Believe me, I'd love to be smarter and have a witty name for this feature, but I don't. So, no copyright infringement/theft/steal or anything of the sort was desired. All I can say is sorry :P


This edition is brought to you by BEA 2015. Heh, that sounded formal, didn't it? I am soooooo sad that I like on another planet continent and I can't go to BEA. It sounds like so much fuuun *sobs**stomps feet like a 5 year old*. Anyway, maybe I'll get the chance to participate in the future. Until then, here are some of the prettiest covers I've seen at BEA (not all, I know, a lot of great covers this year).
 It seems that blogging made me admit out loud (or at least in writing) some of my many obsessions. But I'm obsessed with boats in bottles. I love miniatures and bottles with boats are so, so cool. This particular cover is so interesting. It seems like the people on the boat have this unique miniature of a fantasy land with fantasy buildings in a boat. I assume, based on the cover, that the people in the city are imaginary or at least not real for the people living on the boat.

I also love the font used for the title. And how there seems to be light on the city skyline, but a storm brewing for the ship. I really want to read this book to see if the story matches the cover, or at least the feel of it.

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken
 I absolutely adore the cover art for this book. It seems as though the tree of life is coming out of an Arabian palace. I love how the crown of the tree is made up of words. I also like the font the artist used. And the girl....what I happening with her? I want to know! I also like how the palace is surrounded by a halo of light, while everything else is covered by darkness.

A Thousand Nights - E. K. Johnston
There's something so scary about this cover. Maybe it's the perspective and the inverted landscape. Of maybe it's because of the girl falling (which I've always been afraid of). Or it could be the storm clouds. Whatever it is, there's something scary about this cover.

I love the colors used for the sky. And the button in the title is so cute. I wonder if it's just a random, art-related reason for it's presence, or if there's something about a button in the story.

 The Accident Season - Mo├»ra Fowley-Doyle
 Where do I start with this cover? The roses are a nice touch, I have to say. It only increases the creepy feeling of the cover. And the hand? Just awesome. Especially when it sits just above the title. Shallow graves and the past? Shallow graves indeed. What's behind the wood panels is the detail that I like most. Just a hint of something that's hiding there. They could be other roses, or there could be more. I just love the cover.

These Shallow Graves - Jennifer Donnelly
The 8 year old in me is doing happy dances at the sight of this cover and title. I can't wait to see how this book is. The cover is just amazing. If the Agrabah palace was real, this is how it would look like to me. The colors used for the skyline just increases that magical feeling of the entire building. And the girl, which I assume is Jasmine, makes the story seem more real. I will definitely read this book once it comes out. And the title is just genius, because, based on the blurb, it takes a whooooole new meaning. If I had anyone sing the song in a completely new version, I'd had Lana Del Rey do it, because no one can make a Disney song sound more haunted than her.

A Whole New World - Liz Braswell
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