Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved but Never Reviewed

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Hello my dear readers! We've all done it. We've all read book we loved but never reviewed them on our blogs. I'm guilty of this. There's no real reason why some books end up reviewed on my blog while others don't. It's usually a matter of time. If I read a book just to read it, I usually move on to the next book and then the next, and by the time I remember to review certain books, I end up not remembering the finer details of the first book enough to write a proper review. It doesn't mean I completely forget about it, it just means I don't have enough material to write more than "omg I loved this". Let's start with the post though.

Top Ten Books I Loved but Never Reviewed

  1. Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy - I read this book over 10 years ago. I remember bits and pieces, and I remember loving it, but I don't think I would be able to tell you more than that.
  2. The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice - I'm realizing now that I never reviewed any of Anne Rice's books on my blog. Can you guys believe that? Because I cannot. Anyway, that aside... I loved this book because of Marius. Marius appears in this book way more than he did in the previous ones from what I remembered, and I had an obsession with him in high school. Yes, more than with Lestat, if you can believe that.
  3. Seven Days For An Eternity by Marc Levy - I'm actually shocked by this. I thought for sure I reviewed this book. Anyway...basically it's awesomeness in 300 something pages, go read it. I think I'll reread this book before the year is over and review it properly.
  4. Nothing But Velver by Kat Martin - This is another book I read before having the blog that I loved like crazy and that should have a review from me but doesn't. I won't tell you anything about it except the fact that it's the book that started my obsession with historical romances. I need to reread it.
  5. Chieftain by Arnette Lamb - Another book I've loved that deserves a proper review on my blog. I also still need to read the first two books in the series. 
  6. Elizabeth's Wolf by Lora Leigh - I also read this book way back before having a blog. I'm planning on getting the revised versions of these early books so I can start my reread of the series and review them. 
  7. Club Dead by Sookie Stackhouse - I have no excuse here.
  8. Born, Darkly by Trisha Wolfe - This is one of those books that I find really difficult to review. I loved it, but adding my thoughts into a coherent review is difficult, because I loved it so much. I will tell you this though. There is only one tiny detail about this book that I didn't enjoy, and it's something that probably most people won't notice or even pay attention to, but because of my academic background it jumped up at me, and it's towards the end of the book.
  9. King by T. M. Frazier - Another book I should probably review on the blog. Just know that I truly loved it.
  10. Mackenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard - I adore this book. Actually the entire series. I've read them multiple times, and I think one of those times was after I started my blog. Maybe one day I'll reread them and review them on the blog. 

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