Friday, January 4, 2013

12 Days of 2012: Day 6 Top 11 Character Crush


Like it often happens with some characters, last year I've developed...well, I wouldn't call it obsession. More like a deep love for those characters. Like a regular crush, only with fictional people. (Boy, that sounds so bad LOL) Anyway, here are the characters that won my heart in 2012 (6 males and 5 females):

Kai - He's a very sexy Nephilim. He also has a British accent *swoon* and he has a unique sense of humor. But what that made me love him a lot were those little moments of vulnerability that he had. Not many, just a few, and they didn't last long. But they were enough to let me know that he really isn't the tough, "I-really-don't-care-about-anything" bad boy he wants everyone to believe he is.
Damon - Oh, a werecat. First, I love cats. Second, his name is just swoon-worthy. He has that Alpha air and behavior, you know? And even though he's sometimes too protective towards Kit, I get why he's doing it. Even though it pisses Kit off. And he's very sexy.

Lothaire  - He's one of my favorite vampires. I think, in some way, he's one of the few "modern" vampires that are very similar to what vampires were intended to be: vicious, wild, scary creatures, yet at the same time, he manages to have a softer, more tender side. And he has red eyes. I mean really, how cool is that?
Dimitri - So you already know why I love him, right? No? Ok, I'll say it one more time (for those of you who already know why, I promise this is the last time I'll say it :P). First, he has AMAZING taste in music (he loves the 80s music *swoon*thud*). Second, he's Russian. I like him for that alone. Yes, he's a bad-ass warrior. Yes, he's sexy. Speaking of sexy, I can't wait to see who they cast in his role. Who do you think should play him?

Rose - I just realized she's the first girl I mentioned so far. Oops. Back to Rose though. I love her sarcasm. That's one of the first things I noticed about her. That and her loyalty towards Lissa.

Eve - As I said before, I was completely blindsided by her. I was so not expecting her to turn out the way she did and I certainly wasn't planning on liking her, much less adore her. But I did. And I really want to read another full book just with her.

Astrid - Astrid is an amazing character. She's a strong, smart female. I loved her and her adventures. And I loved that she managed to work and do something that is usually seen as "male territory": swords, sword fighting, killing dragons. She's a brave woman.
Elena - Can't say just one thing that I loved about her. Her strength, her stubbornness, her sarcasm. Everything about her was amazing. Also, werewolf :)

Clay - He's Elena's male mirror image in my head. Just as strong, as sarcastic, as stubborn. He has no people skills, which makes him even more likeable to me, because he doesn't fake his feelings and he doesn't care if he offends someone by not lying. I like that.

Jeremy - Oh.... Even his name makes me drool. Let's see. He's Alpha. Strong, very smart, very talented (I mean that in a totally non-sexual way), thoughtful, funny. And there's another thing. Remember when Elena goes back to the Pack and she's extremely angry and she's trying to pick a fight but Jeremy doesn't take the bite? I loved that. The way he calmly told her what he needed to say, without once snapping at her. I loved that  about him and it's the first thing that made me notice him.

Jaime - Funny, cute, very sexy. And she has the ultimate, perfect boyfriend!!

Jeremy - Now, wait, before you say it ain't fair for Jeremy to be mentioned twice, I just have one itty bitty thing to add to the description above: this time, his talent really is in a sexual way *giggles* Seriously though, I liked seeing him acting a little bit like the wolf I think he is rather than the Alpha that has to be protected at all times. I realize that he's not exactly allowed to jump in front of damsels in distress to protect them from the bad guys and put himself in danger, but it was nice to see his step away from that role a little.

So, which characters made you fall in love with them in 2012?


  1. I love Rose! And Dimitri, I think he made that name cool and relevant again. I think I finally have the bandwidth to finish VA and read Blade Song. Great list Ruby!

    1. Thanks! Dimitri is very cool. To be honest, I like him a lot more than Adrian. Then again, Adrian does begin to grow up in the Bloodlines series. At least so far. :D You'll love Blade Song, it's amazing!


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