Thursday, September 13, 2018

Blogoween Sign-up Post

Hello my dear cook lovers! Today I have a very exciting sign-up post for you.

Clo from Book Dragons is hosting Blogoween, a month-long book blogger event happening from October 1st - 31st. Basically we get to write Halloween and Autumn inspired blog posts all month long. There are 3 levels that you can choose from to participate, and since I was already thinking of doing something special for Halloween, I'm signing up for level 3, which means I'm committing to writing every day. Here's a little bit more info on level 3:

  • Level 3: Ghosted
  • Posting EVERY DAY (that’s 31 posts)
  • Can mix Autumn themes into your posts
  • If you find within the first few days it’s too much, can switch to Level 1

Cool right? If you want to read more about the event, you can look here and do join in on the fun! There will be challenges and prompts and I can't wait! Is it October yet??


  1. AHH!!! *throws baby pumpkins and fall leaves into the air* I'm so excited that you will be joining us! May us level 3's get extra pumpkin spice this spooky October!

  2. I am hopping to her blog right away to check if I can make something up. I love to read season themed posts, though I don't write them myself.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

  3. Wheeee *throws pumpkins and spice at you* so excited you're joining us, also props to doing level 3 xD


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