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2019 Book Ending spring 2019: 5 Reasons Why Buying Physical Books Is Better

Welcome to day 18 of Bookending Spring! Our host for the next 3 days is Michelle from Michelle Likes Things. Today we're talking 5 reasons why buying physical books is better. Let me tell you, I have a lot of reasons. Don't forget to check out Michelle's original post, in which she also talks about why she loves buying physical books more. Let's get started!

Reasons Why Buying Physical Books Is Better

I absolutely love books, no matter the format they come in, but sometimes I love a good physical book a little bit more. And here's why:

1. My eyes don't get tired

I've had to wear glasses all days, every day ever since I was 16 years old, and my eyes get tired really easily. This has happened to me rarely, but sometimes after reading on a screen for so long, even a non-lighted one like an e-reader, my eyesight gets foggy and I can't see really well, even if I put on my glasses. It usually happens when I'm really, really tired, but even once is one too many, if you know what I mean. I also can't wear glasses while I'm reading, because I'm near-sighted, so they bother me when I read, so I can't take advantage of my screen protection. Most of the physical books I read don't have blinding white paper, which bothers me even more than screen light believe it or not, so my eyes don't get tired.

2. Physical books smell divine

So listen, I'm a book sniffer, okay? I am not ashamed to say that I've been in love with the smell of new books all of my life. And okay, old books too if I know who owned them and how they treated them. Which is why I love my grandma's giant hallway where the bookshelves are. 

To me reading isn't just the mental exercise of my brain receiving the input of words and trying to understand what those words mean when put together. To me reading is something that involves all the senses. Touch, because I get to touch each page and sometimes the texture of the paper used makes the reading experience even more dramatic, sight because I see the way words sit on a page, hearing because I hear each turn of the pages, how the paper sounds, and smell, yes. For years I associated the smell of dusty paper and lit candles to Harry Potter, because that's what I was smelling while I was reading the book. Still to this day I think about that book and the first thing that comes to mind, before the story, is that smell.  

3. There's no chance of losing them

Call me paranoid, but I've seen many ebook retail sites come and go, and sometimes you lose those books. Yes, one can argue that the owners of those companies allowed users to download those ebooks in order to not lose them, and it's true. But allow me to tell you that there have been instances in which I had no idea the website was shutting down (still sore about that one, in case you can't tell). A physical book is yours, barring of course some serious incidents like your house burning down, earthquakes or the book's demise in the bathtub. But generally speaking, unless you borrow that book to someone and then you never get it back OR unless you give it away, that book will be yours forever. Ebooks are a trend that exists now, but honestly we have no idea how long they're here for. 

4. I know exactly where they are

I looked through all of my digital devices, and between them all, I have 8 different reading apps: 6 for regular e-books, one for audio books, and one for comic books. And that is not including the 2 apps for podcasts. Between these apps I have countless books. I won't even bother trying to count them at this point. Let's say a lot. If I get it into my head that I want to read a specific ebook I have no clue where to search first. However you bet your behind I know where all my physical books are. Not because they are fewer (though there is that too when referring to my library here), but because I know how I arranged my books. I know, without having to even look at the spines, where a book I want to read is in one of my 5 bookshelves. 

5. They can be used for protection

Listen, have I mentioned I'm a paranoid chick? My tendency to go on binges of true crime shows about mostly murder isn't helping with that, to be honest. BUT in each self defense video I've seen since I was a smol human, the instructors always mention using stuff you have in your purse to defend yourself in extreme situations, which hopefully will never happen, but it's better to be prepared. Try defending yourself with your impressive Kindle app collection on your smart phone. Unless you have a brick of a phone or a vintage laptop, you're more likely to injure said phone than the person wanting to harm you. Use one healthy paperback or hardback instead and you might do some damage. 


I can see you're not still convinced about why buying paperbacks is awesome, so I got one extra reason for you, a freebie if you will. 

You Can Pretend To Have Your Own Library

My favorite thing to see in castles ever since I was a kid were the libraries and music rooms. Most people were fascinated with the entire museum, but I can't say bathrooms and bedrooms interested me as much as music rooms and libraries did. And although I became an avid reader much later in my life,  I've always thought the idea of having your own library to be such an incredible thing that only rich people could have. I did have books in my home, but never as many as I saw in museums. If there's one thing I hope to achieve when I become a proper adult is to have my own library. That's right, I want a house where one room is only for books. And maybe my vinyl collection.


I hope now I've convinced you why you need more physical books in your life. Ultimately, I love books no matter their format, so if they ever discover the proper technology, I'll make my home inside my many reading apps. 

What about you? Why do you think buying physical books is better?
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