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2019 Bookending Winter Day 6: A Very Potter Christmas!

Bookending Winter is  a wonderful month-long event created by Clo @ Cuppa Clo and Sam @ Fictionally Sam where each day has a different prompt for the participants to talk about.

Day 6 of Bookending Winter is here! Our new host is Tabatha @ Broken Soul reviews and her prompt is about Harry Potter. Can I screech in happiness now??
If you are anything like me, you have one healthy (or rather unhealthy) obsession with all things Harry Potter! Christmas/Winter time in Potter land has always been one of my favorites. It introduced us to Hogsmeade and opened up a door to tons of adventure for the crew. Today, we are taking a trip – right down to Hogsmeade, to grab ourselves some Butterbeer and talk about the upcoming Winter Ball! To get us in the Potter Winter Ball Spirit; there are some things I want to know about all of you!
It's no secret that I adore Harry Potter, flaws and all, so I am VERY excited to see what Tabatha has in store of us. Before we start, please remember to check out Tabatha's post first.

A Very Potter Christmas!

Question #1
--> Which Harry Potter Book Was Your Favorite & Why? <-- b="">

I've always loved Order of Phoenix more than any other one. This has always been for me the first time where something happens for more than just the last 10%. I also feel like the story got more complex. We're introduced to a sort of murder mystery subplot, we have the forming of a secret society, it's the first time where Harry is forced to see how his actions have consequences, and I think it's the first time that the punishment fits the crime, so to speak. Even if it goes a little bit beyond that. I always thought Harry sort of got into a lot of trouble only to get rewarded for what he did, and that's not to say that he didn't do good things, because he did. But up until now, he's never had to think to himself "I did this, I'm responsible for x person going through this and that". Notice how good I am about avoiding spoilers? pat pat self

Question #2
--> Favorite Harry Potter Characters and Why? <-- b="">
You can do this as a top 1-10 (or however many) if you would like!

1. Hedwig

Hedwig to me always represented Harry's innocence. Her dying was kind of like Harry being forced to perform acts and spells that could have made him the new Voldemort. Hedwig is the first character that showed any type of love towards Harry without expecting something from him. Except for maybe the occasional rat or something. And yes, FINE, she reminds me of my first pet bird, Billy, and I may have cried ugly tears every time her death scene comes up and I remember Billy.

2. Neville

I saw on Tumblr a few years back how Neville, much like Samwise Gamgee, was the true hero of the story. It's been a few years since I read this series, and maybe it's time for a reread, so I don't remember much about the details of his story line in the book, but I do remember how tragic his childhood was. The idea that he was the butt of all jokes never truly sat right with me, considering what he had to go through as a child. Sure, Harry also didn't have an easy path before he got his letter, but I've always felt sorry for Neville getting discarded just because Voldemort...made a choice between two babies.

3. Hermione

Hermione was the first character that "saw" me. I mean... Big mousy brown hair? Check. Brown eyes? Check. Weirdly shaped teeth growing up? Double check. It was the first time that a heroine was the kind of girl I was, with a few minor differences (like... my superpowers haven't kicked in yet???? what is that????). I saw myself in her and in some ways I still do.

Question #3
--> Which Harry Potter Character Are You Taking to the Ball?! <-- b="">

13 year-old Ruby had a massive, MASSIVE crush on Oliver Wood. So teenage-Ruby would go with him. Adult me would probably take the biggest cup of Butterbeer, ignore all humans, and go stay in the centaur corner, with Firenze. I know they're not invited or anything, but if I'm going, he should too. In all honesty, I always wanted to know more about him and the centaurs in general. 

This was fun, but very difficult How to pick and choose??? Anyway, I had a ton of fun answering these questions.

Let's talk. Which characters would you pick? Which book was your favorite?
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