Wednesday, June 27, 2012

News and some changes

Hey everyone! I hope you had a very lovely weekend.

Sorry I've been missing the last few days, life's a little #%@$% and apparently "she can't be ignored" *rolls eyes* The heat in my neck of the woods is killing me!! And the humidity sucks. So that makes reading a little difficult. That and studying, but I manage to ignore that last part :P

I thought long and hard and I realized I needed to do some changes in my reviews, specifically with my rating method. During the Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon I read a book that... confused me. While the writing style, the character development, the psychology of each character were asking for the highest rating I could give, it was also a book that made me so uncomfortable I simply couldn't give it more than 2 cups. That doesn't mean the book was bad. But it was so out of my league and certain scenes made me squirm (and not in a good way). So that is why I'll have a secondary rating system that will be only for showing my comfort level while reading the books I'll be reviewing. I'm going to use Jolly Rogers for that. (I'm a geek, ok? :P) I'm going to have that explained better in my Review Policy & Rating System page.

The second change is that I'm going to use icons for various genres. I though they looked cool and fun and also helps the reader know the genres/main idea behind the book/age restrictions and what not. So I put my non-existent drawing skills to use and so far so good. I hope that I'll start using these icons by second week of July. The designs are mine, inspired either by real objects or crazy stuff from my imagination. I can't wait to start using them. They'll probably look as bad and ugly as you're imagining them, but I'm actually very proud of them *shrugs*

That's it for now. No major changes, just small things I felt were needed ;)
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