Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review: Lethal Remedy by Richard L. Mabry

Lethal Remedy (Prescription for Trouble, #4) 

Author: Richard L. Mabry
Series: Prescription for Trouble #4
My Rating: 4 cups
Source: NetGalley
Blurb: (from Goodreads)

What happens when the race to stop a lethal bacteria becomes a race to stop a killer?

Dr. Sara Miles’s teenage patient is on the brink of death from an overwhelming, highly resistant infection with Staph luciferus, known to doctors as “the killer.” Only an experimental antibiotic, developed and administered by Sara’s ex-husband, Dr. Jack Ingersoll, can save the girl's life.

Seeking to put his life back together after the death of his wife, Dr. John Ramsey joins the medical center faculty staff. But his decision to do so could prove to be costly and even fatal.

Potentially lethal late effects from the experimental drug send Sara and her colleague, Dr. Rip Pearson, on a hunt for hidden critical data that will let them reverse the changes before it’s too late. What is the missing puzzle piece? And who is hiding it?

I was very excited when I heard there was another book in the Prescription for Trouble series coming out. Granted, I didn't manage to read the first two books yet, but I was still excited.

I have to say I liked this book better than the third book, Diagnosis Death. I think it was probably because it was a bit different than what I read before. The idea that there's a magic drug that can cure a lethal virus was brilliant. I was expecting the secondary effects, what I didn't expect was the way the characters  out what the drug did and how it did that. I liked that. I also liked how Mr. Mabry explained certain medical terms and made them understandable for someone with little or no medical training.

I also liked the characters. Sara was a very strong woman, one who has been through a lot of pain, but managed to live through it. She's also dedicated to her work and trying all she can to save her patients. Rip was an interesting character. He's a very good friend and a good doctor. He's the kind of guy you can depend on.

There are other characters in this book that I loved, but I'll let you judge them as you see fit.

I can't wait for other books from this author. I'm going to read the other books in the series very soon.

My Rating:
I loved it photo Image10.png

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  1. Ruby, really glad you liked Lethal Remedy. Thanks so much for posting the review.


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