Monday, January 16, 2012

Cover Love (1)

Rabid Reads - Cover Love

This feature is hosted by Carmel @ Rabid Reads. The rules are very simple. Choose a cover (or two, or three), preferably new-ish, and share what you like about it. Grab my graphic or don't just so long as you link back.

*sighs* A feature after my own heart. I'm one of those readers that sometimes read a book just because they like the cover. It doesn't mean that if I don't like the cover, I won't read the book. It just means that I love pretty covers and I sometimes buy the book even before I read the blurb very carefully *blushes*

My picks:

The Selection By Kiera Cass
Expected publication: April 24th 2012
By HarperTeen

I love blue. I love looong dresses. And there's just something about the cover. The blurb is also interesting, but the cover caught my eye.

Death on Heels: A Crime of Fashion Mystery

Death on Heels by Ellen Byerrum
Expected publication: February 7th 2012
by Signet

I love the covers for most chick lit books. They are so cool and shinny and funny. I love the way they look and so I usually pick chick lit books with this type of cover. I do read chick lit books with covers with real people on them, though.

This is my pick for today. What's yours?


  1. Hi Ruby! Thanks for signing up! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's a sucker for a pretty cover. Great picks! I absolutely adore the cover of The Selection! Hadn't heard about your other choice until now so thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I am a big sucker for covers. That's how about 30% of the books I have on my TBR pile ended up there.

    Death on Heels is the 8th book in a series. It's actually a good series, if you're into chick lit :)

    Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for hosting the feature!


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