Friday, July 27, 2018

Spinning The Yarn: Harry Potter Edition Part 2

Spinning The Yarn is a weekly feature here at Ruby's Books in which I share some of my favorite knitting and crochet patterns inspired by books, with the occasional movie and TV show fandoms. 

Hello my dear geeky bookish people and welcome to another edition of Spinning The Yarn. I'll be honest with you, I wasn't entirely sure I was going to make yet another Harry Potter edition this week, but I recently discovered one of the patterns that I'm going to show you today and I fell in love and I knew I had to share it with my fellow geeky friends. So without further ado, let's get started with

Spinning The Yarn: Harry Potter Edition Part 2

Last week I stopped at socks, so I feel it's only natural I share the last few sock patterns I love and continue from there.

Credit: Pauliina Mathlin                                  Credit: MoreThanOneWay (a.k.a Carla)
  • First we have these gorgeous Hogwarts socks and let me tell you, these socks are enough incentive for a geek like me to learn how to knit socks. I'm thinking of making one or two pairs, with one of them definitely be more Ravenclaw than Gryffindor, because House pride, you know?
  • Next we have the Minerva's Argyles which look amazing! The designer was inspired by one of the most adored Hogwarts teachers to make these socks and let me tell you, they're super pretty! I'm definitely going to make some.

Credit: Monkey Toes

  • Last but definitely not least we have these Nagini inspired socks. Now, I'm not a fan of snakes in general, Nagini in particular, but I can't deny that these socks look fantastic. Okay, so yes I may like pictured of snakes, but not to see them in real life. 
Now that we're done with socks, let's move on to hats. Because everyone needs hats and I found the perfect patterns for this winter. Now, I myself have a weird relationship with hats. I love to hate them. I used to refuse to wear hats, especially in the winter because of some self-image issues, but since I'm starting to become a mature person (*giggle-snorts*) I'm starting to value comfort over looks a lot more. 

On to hats!

Credit: IowaKnits                                                   Credit: Kristen Mohr
  • The first pattern is this gorgeous Hermione-inspired Hallows hat which looks rather simple to make. I've never made any hats before, but it doesn't look quite that difficult. I hope so. Anyway, I like that it doesn't have a giant pompom on top (no offense to pompoms) and I love the texture. 
  • Next up we have this Ron inspired Animal Crackers hat done in crochet. I'm pretty sure there's a knit pattern floating around, but I love the crochet version a bit more. Plus, this is probably the first Harry Potter inspired hat I've ever seen, probably somewhere around 2011. 
Credit: Emily Gaynier                                         Credit: Christy Aylesworth
  • I can't not include a House inspired hat, and this is one of my favorite ones. The pattern is called Hogwarts During The Holidays and it includes charts for all four houses. I wonder if it would be extreme to make one for each house. Hmmm... 
  • Next up we have Hermione Hearts Ron, a pattern inspired by the Half Blood Prince movie. This is such a pretty pattern, and the cables look super great. I'm very tempted. Very tempted indeed.
Credit: Sarah Belcher
  • Another house pride hat is this gorgeous Hogwarts House Hats pattern, and like with the previous house hats, this pattern also includes charts to making hats for all four houses. The mad nerdy crafter in me wants to maybe find a way to combine both patterns into one, but I need to figure out how exactly I want to do that.

Now for the pièce de résistance. Are you ready? No really, are you? Because here it comes!

Credit: Diane Scott

  • That's right, my nerdy friends, the one and only Sorting Hat. This pattern looks pretty difficult to make, and there's also a process called "felting" involved that I have no idea how to do BUT... it's the Sorting Hat. I want this hat. It also feels extra special, knowing you made it, doesn't it?
Next up we have one pattern I'm most excited to make, and that's a blanket.

  • There are a lot of blanket patterns inspired by our favorite wizard, but the Ron Weasley Blanket is my favorite, not only because it's inspired by Ron but also because it's the perfect way to use up some of that scrap yarn that you can't do anything else with. It looks great and I know it's going to be extra comfy and warm. 
Since we're talking blankets, let's talk charts. There are a lot of charts inspired by Harry Potter, and you're most definitely going to find some of your favorite. I like charts because you can make whatever you want with them, from blankets to wearables, or even make decoration with them. Some of my favorite chart designers are: Marie Wright, Erin N. Walter and Megan-Anne Llama

I couldn't end this post without toys, because there are a few pretty crochet toys inspired by the Wizarding World.

Credit: Lucy Collin                                              Credit: Cutemigurumi - Náthaly Cristine

  • First we have Fierce Little Dragon, a very cute crochet dragon. The best part about this pattern is that it pops up for both HP and Smaug, and that makes me insanely happy. It gives me an excuse to have my own army of dragons *rubs hands together*
  • Next we have these cute Harry Potter crochet dolls. I'm thinking of making a few, with maybe changing the colors and making some Ravenclaw students. 

Credit: Erin (Molly's Needles)                                  Credit: Berroco Design Team

  • Then there's this Pygmy Puff pattern which I love. I've seen it many times over the years and I'm thinking of making some with my fuzzy yarn. 
  • Last but definitely not least is this Harry Bear pattern for the braver knitters. It's very cute and pretty, but I don't think I'm that good at knitting yet. I will keep it in my library because who knows, maybe one day I'll make my own teddy bear.

This is it guys, the end of my Harry Potter edition of Spinning The Yarn. There are more patterns out there that the Potterheads can make and enjoy, and I'm sure I missed a few of my favorites, but these are the ones I want to make in the near future. 

If you know of any pattern inspired by the world's most famous wizard and his band of friends, please share them with me. Next week I have a very exciting edition planned for Spinning The Yarn. Until then, happy reading!
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