Thursday, July 12, 2018

Spinning The Yarn: An Introduction

Hello my dear bookish lovers and welcome to my new feature dedicated to bookish yarn crafts!

You might not know this about me, but another hobby of mine is knitting and crocheting. I may not be particularly good at it and I'm still finding things to learn, but I really enjoy it. Especially in the winter because all that yarn and the project I'm working on basically works as a blanket and keeps me toasty warm.

I learned how to knit before I even knew how to read and write, at the tender age of 5, and although most of the things I made are still in the WIP state, I was very happy whenever I could finish something. Most of the time that something was blankets for my dolls, because who wants their Barbies to get cold????

7 years or so ago I saw a gorgeous scarf pattern that I fell in love with and I wanted to make it, but woe is me, it was in crochet, which up until then I had never learned how to do. After a lot of tears and sweat I managed to do not one, but two items with that pattern, and I'm actually thinking of a third one because why not? And, if I'm being honest, I kinda love crochet more than knitting, even if I find crochet to be a little bit more restrictive in a way.

There are many reasons why I wanted to make this feature: one, because I love knitting and crocheting and I love seeing all the beautiful patterns people make; two, because I am a fangirl at heart and I love hand-made crafty stuff more than I do the same old stuff that are so insanely popular, like toys or action figures (I do like the video games though... keep 'em coming!); three, and most importantly, because I'm on a budget and that means I don't have the luxury to spend money on collectible stuff, and I will definitely not spend money on collectible items such as clothes. If I can make it, cool, if not... I'll try until I can make it, if I really want it.

I have to give Ruthstic @ YA On My Mind a shout-out, because she was the one who suggested Spinning The Yarn as the title for this feature. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Basically this new feature of mine will be all about nerdy yarn crafts, be they crochet or knitting. Most of the time I'll share some of my favorite free patterns, although I will probably include some paid patterns as well if the patterns are super duper cute and fun. I'll try to keep it book related at first, and then I'll probably show some of my favorite patterns inspired by movies and TV shows. If you have any suggestions or fandom requests leave me a comment and I'll try to find as many patterns as possible (if there are any). Also, if you know any cool patterns that I should look at for any fandom (bookish or otherwise), you can go over Twitter and DM me and I'll share that pattern and credit you.

I hope you're as excited as I am about this new feature. In the meantime, happy reading! 


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