Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Blogoween Day 11: Spell List

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Hello my dear book lovers! Wow, I am so behind on my Blogoween prompts. I am so sorry. Day 11 is about creating spell lists. I'm not entirely good at creating good spine poetry, but I am very proud of this one that I did back in February, so I'm going to share it here as well:

"The Becoming Labyrinth,
No Rest For The Wicked.
Devil May Cry My Not So Perfect Life
Darkness Calls The Harlequin."

My spell could be used to call this shadowy figure called Harlequin and this person would help me out occasionally. Like a guide, a guardian angel. Though with a name like Harlequin, I imagine the help would be more on the evil side. 


If you could create a spell, what would it do?


  1. This is such a cool idea, and I love your poem! I'd like a spell that would make cats want to come and be cuddled :D

  2. I'm awful at creating book poetry - I can't do it even if my life depends on it. =P That's a great spell. I wouldn't mind summoning someone to help me occasionally.

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  3. I love your "spell"!! Spine poetry is really hard-- you rocked it!!

  4. Ha! Devil May Cry like the video games. If I were to create a spell it would be for me to gain focus on a task I want to complete.


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