Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Blogoween Day 8: Gory Magical Sweet

Blogoween is hosted by Clo @ Book Dragons | Banner made by me, a.k.a Ruby, using Canva

Hello my dear book lovers! Starting from Day 8, our new host for Blogoween is going to be Camilla from The Reader in the Attic. The first prompt is very interesting. Here's the explanation for this prompt:
Create one or more snacks (sweet or savoury) and a drink (if you want), all must be Halloween themed. Should be created with a mix of common food elements and parts of our beloved mythical and magical creatures. Just to be clear: things like rainbow unicorn sparkles aren’t gory. Get morbid.
Sounds interesting, isn't it? Let's get started!

Before I begin, let me explain a few things about me. Food is something that I love, but I also hate. I love it, because I love cooking. I hate it, because I'm one of those people that can and do get disgusted easily by stuff. I have a very sensitive stomach and even the tiniest detail, visual or related to taste, can make me sick. It ain't pretty. So we're starting this post knowing this. Moving on.

So I'm not very good at creating recipes in my head, BUT I will say that one of the most disgusting-looking drinks is in this The Mask of Zorro scene:

Go on, say it's not disgusting, I dare you. And yet so interesting for a party prop. Though not with real heads. Please no human body parts in my drink and food!

Okay, now for the treat. I recently saw on Instagram that blood can be used as a substitute for eggs. Now, I'm not one to believe such outlandish claims, so I went and researched the matter. Apparently, pig's blood can be used as a substitute, as per this article by The Guardian. Now, I'm still not sure it's 100% legit, but let me tell you, I've reached my quota of disgusting food.

What about you? What would be your goriest treat/drink, perfect for Halloween?

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