Friday, October 5, 2018

Blogoween Day 5: Fictional Monsters I'd Hate To Meet

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Hello my dear book lovers! Today's Blogoween topic is all about the fictional monsters that are too creepy to be real things. I have a lot of fictional monsters I'd hate to meet in real life.

  1. Zombies - Listen, reading about brain-eating walking dead creatures might be fun, but actually seeing a corpse in various stages of decomposition moving around and just following me around in hopes of cutting/biting off my head and eating my brain isn't my idea of fun. Actually it's not fun at all. So I'm hoping we won't be seeing these creatures alive too soon.
  2. Any serial killer from Criminal Minds - Do I need to say why?
  3. The girl from The Ring - Yeah, please stay where you are, in that creepy tape.
  4. Petunia Dursley and Dolores Umbridge - Look, y'all can think Voldemort all you want, but those two bitches are the true monsters. One pretends to be a "good mother", the other a "good teacher". At least Voldemort doesn't pretend to be good.
  5. The Hogwarts stairs - So one of my many phobias is falling from heights. Those stairs SCREAM an impending accident. Harry Potter is full of creepy monsters, but those stairs...They seem funny and cute and an interesting quirk of the castle, but I'm just picturing deep, dark voids, broken legs and full body casts.
  6. Aragog - In the words of the great Ronald Weasley, "Why did it have to be spiders?". In a book so full of magic and imagination, why couldn't Aragog be an evil bunny, or a rabid cat? Why a creepishly big, hairy spider?
Look, I don't have a ton of things I'm scared of *snort*..ehem.. But the things I'm terrified of are well funded, creepy and dangerous. 


What about you? What are some fictional monsters you'd never want to encounter in real life?


  1. Your blogoween header is so cute, great job!

    I totally agree with you on the zombies... I definitely wouldn't want to have shambling corpses hunting my brains! Plus, while I have never smelled a dead body, I imagine the smell is TERRIBLE!

    Thanks for participating in my prompt!
    Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

    1. Thank you so much! I am pretty happy with how the banner turned out :D

      I haven't smelled any corpses either, but the smell must be horrible. Also, I imagine there's maggots and flies and..blech. Yeah, no zombies for this girl. Ever!

  2. I love your header! Never considered the Hogwarts stairs! I'm terrified of heights too, so climbing those would be a nightmare for me. I'd never make it to class.

    Samara from The Ring terrorized my childhood dreams. After the movie, I was so scared because I thought that since I watched the tape through the movie I was next. I lived my next seven days in absolute terror.

    Camillea Reads

    1. Thank you!
      So I'm not insane about the stairs and Samara (I had no clue that was her name, I don't really remember a lot about the movie except the phone ringing, the horse falling off the ship/boat and the weird girl coming out of the TV) I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!! Especially since while I was watching it, my mom or dad decided to call me, and we still had a landline and our phone had the same ring that the one in the movie had. I will not tell you what my reaction was. It wasn't pretty lol

  3. I had nightmares with Samara after watching the Ring. She's sooooo creppy! I would not want her to jump out of my TV screen.

    Happy Blogoween!
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    1. YES YES YES! I will not watch that movie ever again BUT I still sometimes see random photos and GIFs of her and I'm like NOOOOOO, don't put that on my screen! I love my sleep!

      Thank you for stopping by :D

  4. Every one of them on your list are scary. And the scariest being those weird ass moving staircase. Dude, who knows what is below them?

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

    1. EXACTLY!! I'm so happy someone else sees those stairs for the evil invention they are, and not the quirky thing everyone thinks them to be. I'd never reach my house's Common Room (and since I'm a Ravenclaw, I have to take the stairs). I'd rather sleep outside or be expelled and have my wand broken than take the stairs and risk falling off or worse, have the damn things move while I'm on them. Noooo, thank you! And with my luck, below them is an army of big-ass spiders.


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