Sunday, October 14, 2018

Blogoween Day 9: Bookish Monster Bender

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Hello my dear book lovers! The prompt for Day 9 of Blogoween is suuuuuuper interesting and I can't wait to see what everyone wrote. Basically the idea is to recreate a book or a character in their horror version. I have always imagined the "what if" scenarios while reading certain books, and this prompt sounds just like my idea of fun. Let's start!

For this challenge I'm going to pick my favorite 3 characters and twist their stories around and make them villains or end up really badly. Be warned though, this means there will be tons of spoilers for their books, so read at your own peril.

1. Harry Potter

I had to go there, guys, I really did. I always wondered what would have happened if Harry had died. Would Neville have fulfilled his destiny, would he have become the boy who defeated Voldemort? If I'm going down that rabbit hole, I imagine Harry dying at the end of the 5th book, the Order of Phoenix, in the Department of Mysteries, instead of Sirius. When you think about it, it's really a wonder that Harry didn't die that night. I also imagine him coming back, but in a twisted way. Maybe the trip behind the Veil wouldn't make him a Death Eater, but if he fell through it, I imagine Harry coming back slightly twisted and damaged, and this would be apparent because he wouldn't be able to conjure a Patronus. Maybe that's not as twisted and as villainous as expected, but I do believe that Harry would have lost his humanity had he died that night. He lost a piece of his soul when Sirius died, but he would have lost a lot more had he been the one to fall through the veil.

2. Alina from the Grisha trilogy

So I haven't yet found my courage to finish the last book of the trilogy, but my perfect version of the book would be with Alina finding the third Amplifier and going full dark, kind of like the female version of the Darkling. Then she should probably join the Darkling, destroy all traces of the old Alina (a.k.a kill Mal) and start a war with Nikolai. That would be my perfect trilogy ending. I know that's most likely not the way the story ends, but there you go.

3. Ben from the Kate Stanley series

In case you're new here, and you haven't checked out my older reviews, you probably don't know about my obsession with Interred With Their Bones, also known as The Shakespeare Secret, by Jennifer Lee Carrell you know now haha. I absolutely love this book, and although I've reread it a few times already, I'm always enthralled by the story and I always discover new details, little things that I've missed previously. I'm also suspicious towards Ben for about two or three chapters before I remember that he is a good guy. (It also helps that I always picture Matthew Goode when I read about Ben) The evil side of me wishes every time that he would turn out to be a plant by the killer, in the hopes of finding out what Kate is researching, what she's finding out, where she is, when is the right time to stop her. That would be an awesome, slightly creepy thing, but I think it would make a great plot twist. So my monster bend of his character would end with Ben delivering Kate to the killer when she discovers the manuscripts, and probably only showing her that there are manuscripts without letting her see the titles of the plays. That would be more mean than villainous though.


So there you have it folks, 3 characters that I'd wish would have a darker side to their stories.

What about you? If you could monster bend characters or entire stories, which ones would you pick and why? And what would the new versions of these books/characters be like?


  1. I would read an AU where Neville is the chosen one! It's a surprise Harry Potter didn't receive many major injuries after everything he had gone through! At first I imagined him coming back as some twisted half-human Dementor.

    1. RIGHT??? That's what I would love too! Neville deserves a shit ton more attention than what he got! I think Harry is a good hero, but he's not the best one out there. I actually always wondered how Dementors were made.


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