Monday, October 8, 2018

Blogoween Day 7: 5 Characters I Want With Me During A Zombie Apocalypse

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Hello my dear book lovers! Day 7 of Blogoween is all about the dream team we want to make to help us during a zombie apocalypse. This is going to be tough, because the only thing I can actually contribute with in a fight against the zombies is good food and sarcasm. Those are not things that can keep the zombies away.

Like with the post for Day 6, all of the books mentioned are intended for a mature audience.

I really like the way our host, Kaleena made up her list, so I'm going to do something similar.
  • Doctor - Like Kaleena said, we do need a doctor, someone with an extensive knowledge of the human and, like you'll see later on, non-human anatomy, so I'm going to pick Dr. Eidolon from the Demonica series by Larissa Ione. He's been to university more than once, he's worked with humans before, and we know he opened up an underground hospital for demons and other supernatural creatures, so he's perfect for the job. Plus he could work on a cure for the zombies, like an on-the-side project, so we can stop fighting for our lives? Just a thought...
  • Strategist and weapons expert - We need someone with an extensive knowledge about weapons, how and when to use them, as well as a strategist. We all know who I'm going to pick, right? Yep, you've guessed it, Ian Taggart from Lexi Blake's Masters and Mercenaries series. I also feel like he could really appreciate my cooking, and I'd have someone more sarcastic than me on the team, so it's perfect. Plus I want to see him with Eidolon together. Not like that, people!
  • Emotional support - So here's the thing. I'm sure that we'll need a shoulder to cry on from time to time. And by we I mean me. I feel like this role is perfect for Charlie Taggart, Ian's wife, because she's the type of gal to listen and then make you think about things you need to do to make things better. She could make me stop crying my eyes out and do something. PLUS she could teach me how to fight.
  • Scouting - I feel like we need some good scouts, someone who can spy on the zombies without getting detected, but who can also hold their own in a fight. Elena Michaels and Clay Danvers from Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series are perfect for that role, if you ask me.
So that's it guys, the five characters I'd want with me in case of a zombie apocalypse. Like I said, I can contribute with amazing cooking if I can say so myself, and a great dose of sarcasm and bad jokes. 

What about you? Who would you want to have at your side in case a zombie apocalypse actually happens?


  1. Good ideas on scouting & emotional support ! I wasn't thinking of thoses when I made mine, heheh

    1. Hehehe, I am very high maintenance when it comes to emotional support. I just need that one person in my life that will hear me go bonkers and then look at me and say "You can do this. Get your butt to work!"

  2. I wouldn't underestimate the importance of food and sarcasm in an apocalyptic setting! I wish I had thought of emotional support, I agree that is a necessary skill to look for... great squad!

    1. RIGHT? I think being able to be sarcastic about stuff is super necessary because otherwise we take ourselves way too seriously. Thank you!


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