Saturday, July 20, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7: Talk about your blogging quirks

I read about this challenge yesterday on various book blogs that I stalk read and I decided to join in. The challenge  was created by April @ Good Books, Good Wine and I think it's a very good and interesting idea. So here I am :) If you want to do this too, go to her Day 1 page to learn how :D

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Day 7: Talk about your blogging quirks

  • Before I even plan a post and what I'm going to write about or how the post will look like, I need music. There's no inspiration without music. I don't have a certain genre or a certain song that I listen to when I'm writing a post. I do however use the songs I associate with a book to help me write my review. I feel like my connection with the book is much stronger when I listen to those songs.
  • If I can't post something that I deem readable and interesting, I'd rather not post at all. I don't blog to attract viewers, but because I love books and I want to share that with as much people as I can. If I feel that my post for a certain day is uninteresting, I won't publish it.
  • I don't do any formatting until I finished writing. I lose focus and inspiration if I do. I do little formatting things while writing, like deciding if a word should be in bold letters or italics or underlined, but otherwise I just go on writing and decide how it's all going to look like when I'm done writing.
  • Before I hit publish, I reread my post at least twice, to check for errors. I don't always catch the errors, though. But I hate reading typos and stuff on blogs, so I reread twice. (Don't say it's OCD, because I refuse to believe it is :P)
  • I write better at night. Probably why I'm sleepy all day long...
  • I limit myself to two, maybe three emoticons per post. Otherwise, the post would be full of them. I'd use GIFs, but I honestly don't know where do get them for free without violating any copyright law/rule.
  • I have two daily planners and I write most of my reviews there and some ideas for other posts. I think better when I sit down at my desk and write them with my favorite pen. Old-fashioned, I know, but it helps.
  • My reviews have to be a bit long, otherwise I feel like I'm failing to show how I feel about a book. Completely untrue, I know.
These are the biggest blogging quirks I have. What about you?
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