Sunday, July 21, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 8: 15 things that appeal to you on blogs

I read about this challenge yesterday on various book blogs that I stalk read and I decided to join in. The challenge  was created by April @ Good Books, Good Wine and I think it's a very good and interesting idea. So here I am :) If you want to do this too, go to her Day 1 page to learn how :D

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Day 8: Quick! Write 15 bullet point things that appeal to you on blogs!

  1. Easy to find follow options. I like when  the links I need for following are easy to spot and all together. I don't exactly like to scroll up and down to find a certain following option.
  2. No music. Just no. Not because of the music itself, but because it makes my laptop freeze for some seconds, during which I pray I don't get the Blue Screen Of Death (Yes, I do have a Vista on my laptop. Yes, I know, it's bad. *shakes head* You don't have to say it, trust me!)
  3. Labels or tags. Here's the thing. I'm a bit of a crazy person who loves lists. Labels for posts help me keep things organized. Like if I want to read only 2 star reviews, I want an option to do that. Or if I want to read just reviews for books of one author, I want that. I love when I see bloggers use labels. I'm not such a big fan of search bars, but I do love labels. 
  4. Unique posts. I know I'm not one of the most original bloggers out there, but I do know there are others who are. I feel special just because I get to read those posts.
  5. Clean look. I like blogs that look clean, neat. Not sterile, clean. A blog that doesn't have all sidebars scattered with no apparent connection between each other.
  6. Comment replies. I think that a blogger who responds to his/her readers who've left comments is a good blogger. Might be 2 weeks late, might be right away, but the response is needed. 
  7. Spoiler-free reviews. I think a good review is one that doesn't give away much. Unless you read a book in another language than English (or the language you're writing in) and you need to translate the blurb and you feel like you should give more info. For instance, if you read a book in Russian, chances are I'll not read it anytime soon, so go ahead and tell me what it's about. 
  8. Funny, witty, slightly sarcastic posts. I love sarcasm a lot. I try not to let it show in my posts, because I overuse it in my daily life, but I do love it. And I love a blogger who can find the right balance between smart and sarcastic.
  9. Honest and respectful. Now, you might think this contradicts the previous point. And you're right, sometimes is does. Here's where sarcasm bothers me a little. Negative reviews. You can use a little sarcasm, that's okay. But there's sarcasm and then there's bitchy. I don't like bitchy in a negative review. State the why, the how and the where to show why you didn't like the book/movie/play/whatever, but don't be bitchy about it. Also, a review for a book is not a review of the author.
  10. Not too many GIFs. I like funny GIFs, I do. Just don't overuse them. 
  11. International Giveaways. Let's face it, who doesn't love giveaways? I especially love those open for international people, like myself :D
  12. Cute design. I like designs that show off a little of the blogger's personality. Some may show that the blogger loves to read about werewolves or loves coffee or something like that. 
  13. Discussion posts. I love to see discussion posts about random things, not just book related, that make me stop and think about that specific topic. 
  14. Old books are cool too. I love reading reviews about ARCs (non-spoilerish reviews, that is) or books that just came out. But I also think bloggers shouldn't ignore books that came out 2-3 years ago, hell, a century ago. I'll read a review of a book that came out a few years ago much faster and with more interest than maybe a book that came out today.
  15. Tips, tricks, tutorials for bloggers. I am always searching for ways to improve my blog, both in content and in look. So I will always follow those bloggers who give good, useful tips on how to do that

I think this is the longest post I've ever written. I'm sorry if it's too much to read *blush* But these the top 15 things that appeal to me on book blogs. What about you? What do you like to see in other blogs?
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