Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Need To Catch Up On

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Hello my dear readers! Today's prompt is a freebie, which means we can pick whatever topic we want to talk about. I'm going to talk about series. Predictable, right? Well, I have A TON of series I need to catch up on, series that I never meant to give up on, but that life just got in the way of me keeping on reading them. Since 2020 is a sort of back to basics year for me in terms of my reading, I'm planning on catching up with these series because I miss them. So let's get started!

Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Need To Catch Up On

1. Dark-Hunter by Sherrilyn McQueen - The last book that I read in this series was Styxx. It threw me in my longest book hangovers ever and I was afraid of reading the newest ones. I've been pretty careful not to look at spoilers, so I don't know a lot about what happened in the rest of the books. I'm slowly doing a reread of the series from the start. I hope that by January of 2021 I'll be all caught up with the series.

2. The Breeds by Lora Leigh - Another really long series that I've been meaning to reread and get to the latest book. Last year I finally got the courage to read Cross Breed and it reminded me how much I truly love that world. There were a few reveals in that book that I had no way of anticipating, so I'm going to have to reread and read the books that I haven't read in the series.

3. Women Of The Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong - This is one of my favorite urban fantasy series. As such, I've been unable to read the last 3 books, because you guys know I'm absolute rubbish at finishing series I love. This year I'm going to dig deep and find my courage to read the last books that I'm missing from this series.

4. Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole - I'm really missing this band of Valkyries and immortal warriors. And Lothaire. And Nyx. But Lothaire first and foremost.

5. Thieves by Lexi Blake - Like almost all of the series written by Lexi Blake that I've read, I discovered this series pretty late. I'm all caught up with the spinoff, but I need to read the original series as well to fully enjoy the spinoff. And listen, I'll use any excuse at this point to read her books and I'm not even going to feel the tiniest bit ashamed of that.

6. Araneae Nation Series by Hailey Edwards - I need to read the last two books of this series (notice a pattern with me and last books in series yet?). I'm going to actually reread this series from the start because why not?

7. Play By Play by Jaci Burton - This is another series that as of yet has ended. I've been meaning to get pack into this series, because I really enjoy Jaci Burton's writing style and her sports romances are really awesome, so maybe this year I'll finally get to it.

8. Bayou Heat by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright - I was introduced to this series through some of the 1001 Dark Nights bundles and I've been very intrigued. I need to go back to the beginning and read them because they are really awesome.

9. Blood Stain by Linda Šejić - One of my favorite comic books ever. For some reason I never had either the right mindset to continue reading or the time for it. I think I can definitely get to catch up with this series before the year ends.

10. Lucky trilogy by Carly Phillips - I have no excuse why I didn't read the last book in this trilogy. None whatsoever. But it's on Audible Escape and once I renew my membership in September, this is going to be the first series I tackle.

That's it from me. What series do you need to catch up on? And if you did a different prompt for today's Top Ten Tuesday, let me know! 

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