Thursday, July 30, 2020

TV Madness: Sen Çal Kapımı Bölüm 3 Review

Genre: Rom - Com | Channel: Fox Türkiye | Director: Ender Mihlar, Yusuf Pirhasan
 Starring: Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin

Summary  (source: IMDB):
Serkan Bolat and Eda Yildiz are engaged. This news of course falls into the society like a bomb; everyone is after Eda, what kind of person she is, what does she do for a living and where does she graduate. Eda is left alone in this showy, false world. The only think in Serkan's mind is work, because he knows that Kaan Karadag is up to something sneaky..
Whoaaa!! What. An. Episode. Guys...  This episode of Sen Çal Kapımı had everything a romcom fan can possibly wish for and more. And because this is Ayşe writing, the little details that enhance the story even more made this episode one of my top 3 TV episodes I have ever seen. Let's get started, because we have a lot to talk about.

I fully admit I was about to write my review for episodes 3 and 4 together, because they deserve to be together, but I fear this will take too long and y'all will end up hating me for making you read so much. And no one wants that. That being said, let me tell you all about episode 3.

Episode 3 starts with that sexy scene again. Yep, we get to see the zipping up the dress scene again in all its glory, and guys.... It's just as perfect as the other 500 times I watched it. We start to see both Serkan and Eda get a little bit rattled by each other in this scene, and it's awesome how neither of them knows how to handle it. 

There's two EdSer scenes that I adored in this episode more than anything. The first one happens at the engagement party, when after Selin is trying to get Eda to give her some personal details for the press, Serkan finally asks Eda some questions about why she didn't finish university. She explains how things went down, and then my sweet Seyfi brings a box with a very expensive necklace. Eda says it's beautiful, but that she can't wear it, and Serkan, in an attempt to get her to smile, but also to get her to wear it, performs a magic trick and makes the necklace disappear. The reason why this scene is one of my favorites is because this is the first time Serkan tries to really understand what happened with Eda. Previously he's been all "this isn't my problem, it's not my fault" and "I'll just give you the money to study", but this is the first time he asks for the details just so that he can understand. For someone who claims not to care, he surely acts like it.

In the evening Serkan takes Eda for a dance and's so romantic!!! They seem lost in each other's eyes and Melo was crying and everything was perfect. The whole time they're dancing, Selin watches them with this sad, broken expression on her face. And while I want to have some sympathy for her, I quickly remember that she's engaged to someone else. So I'm sorry, but I can't be bothered to care.

After the party comes another very good scene. Serkan takes Eda to his part of the property, at his house, and he opens up a little bit about why he's living with his parents, and why he named his dog Sirius. It's a beautiful scene, and for the first time Serkan is vulnerable in his interaction with Eda, which visibly rattles him.

And what does a rattled romance hero do? Of course he turns into an ogre the next day, because that is the only way a rattled romance hero knows how to face these pesky things called feelings. By being an ogre. Eda actually calls him out on it and doesn't take it, which is again something Serkan has never faced before. They have a screaming match in his office, and I felt as if Serkan has never told anyone what he told Eda here. Because he fully admitted that she's getting too close to him and that he doesn't like it. And he's been with Selin for 3 years. I doubt he's ever been this honest about his feelings with Selin as he was with Eda after a few days of knowing each other.

Our dear rattled hero realizes that he fucked up, so he goes to Eda's house to make things better. Of course he doesn't use his words though, he instead uses the cutest male in the show, his dog, to apologize. And this is my other favorite EdSer scene. He calls Eda on the phone and invites her for a walk, telling her that "Sirius misses you, he wanted to see you". Uh-huh, SUUUUURE, Serkan! Just Sirius missed Eda. Yup. Totally believable!

This scene in the park is my second favorite because it's when we see that Eda too is affected by Serkan. Her act of kissing him was born out of her need to prove something to her ex, who basically told her that she was "undeserving" of Serkan's attention, it wasn't because she was attracted to him. But in the park, while Serkan explains why he "loves" Selin, Eda gets jealous. Visibly so, because even Serkan knows it. He has this cute "are you jealous, now??" smile on his face that is adorable, quite frankly. In the end, Eda tells Serkan that she won't bother him anymore, and that there's no need for them to be together when no one is around. So of course Serkan goes to take her to work the next day, because he is still grovelling! As he should.

Serkan proves to be not only a good architect, but also a very good chess player. No chess was played in this game so far, but what he does to uncover who the spy in his agency is is the perfect game of chess. He not only was the only one to figure out who the spy was, but he unmasks him and he delivers a rather powerful blow to his enemy. And his triumphant smile throughout this entire scene in his office, while his dad is there, melted my heart.

The show ends when Eda receives a series of stressful phone calls, which result in her falling asleep. Eda suffers from a form of narcolepsy, where she falls asleep when really stressed. She's had an episode in front of Serkan before, but her aunt was there and she explained to Serkan that he didn't need to worry, that it was something that happened. Well, this time he was alone with Eda and you can tell he's rattled when he catches her in his arms. Like, he is super scared because he doesn't deal well with disease. I can't wait to find out the story behind his fear of disease.

This was a great episode, we got to see EdSer get closer to each other and they had some really good, honest conversations. I wish they would have more moments like the ones after the party, or the park. Like always, you can watch the episode on the show's official YouTube channel. Tomorrow I'll share my review for episode 4, which is on my top 3 TV episodes of all times. Until then, let me know if you liked episode 3.
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