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TV Madness: Sen Çal Kapımı Bölüm 4 Review

Genre: Rom - Com | Channel: Fox Türkiye | Director: Ender Mihlar, Yusuf Pirhasan
 Starring: Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin

Summary (source: IMDB):
Eda, stressed with all the bad news she received in a row, fell asleep in Serkan's arms again. Moreover, this time they have a serious problem, Selin and Ferit want to come for a home visit. However, there is no house where they are living together. They have to make preparations, time is running out, a lot has to be done, and all that Serkan thinking of is work, work and work again. Eda's friends are sure that Serkan is having a relationship with Selin. They caught them hand in hand and eye to eye. While trying to prepare the house, Eda tries to convince them that everything is fine. Eda, after doing everything she can to host her guests in the best way all day, receive news from an unexpected source which is the last straw of her patience. And things get out of hand.
This episode is one of my top 3 episodes in TV history. And I've watched a lot of TV shows. We have hilarious jealousy scenes, hilarious bets, a sexy cooking scene, and some very sweet scenes, all in one episode and guys....if you've ever wondered if you should watch this show, this is me telling you that yes, yes you do need to watch this show.

It's really hard to pick my favorite scene from this episode, because the entirety of this episode was just a work of art. From the start, when Serkan is so freaked out by Eda falling asleep/fainting (he's not sure he believes she fell asleep) that he called his doctor and put her on a video call while he was checking her, taking her vitals, describing her temperature, her breathing, everything about this episode was a romance reader's dream episode.

The banter between Serkan and Eda in this episode was just fantastic. They take turns teasing each other, though I felt as if Serkan was new to this. He may be a shark in his business, he may be a really good poker player, but he is a newbie at teasing someone with words. He's much better at it with non-verbal communication. Eda, however, is a pro. She goes from acting all swoony at how Serkan caught her in his arms when she fell asleep, to teasing him mercilessly when he's acting all polite and gets out of the car after he drove her home.  

We get more of a glimpse into how much the idea of disease bothers Serkan. At this point, I'm convinced he had someone next to him die because of an illness, and no one can convince me otherwise. We'll see as the story goes on. But Serkan is truly bothered by the idea of having sick people around him, so much so that he wants Eda to get tested for all kinds of stuff. Eda tells him there's no need, that her aunt is just like him, and that she gets tested regularly, so Serkan is all like "Oh really? Show me then!". So they go to her house to retrieve her latest blood tests results, and there the first hilarious scene unfolds. Because the girls tell Eda how they saw Serkan have a rather intimate lunch with his ex, Selin. This prompts Eda to fake scold Serkan, who just looks around confused and rather lost. She eventually whispers what's up to him, so he plays along with whatever Eda is doing.

Next Serkan takes her to his place, where they have his family doctor check up on Eda once again. After declaring that she's perfectly healthy, the good doctor suggests swimming as a way to de-stress. As someone who loves swimming, I appreciated that very, very, VERY much. Of course, Eda says no, and eventually tells him that she doesn't know how to swim. Serkan tells her that it's not a problem, that he'll make sure she learns how to swim and that they're starting soon. Eda was a tiny bit excited, just as I was very much excited, because I was certain Serkan will take on the role of swimming instructor.

The next day, disappointment hits, because surprise surprise, Serkan hired an instructor for Eda. Because of course Mr. prim and proper can't put on a swimming suit and just relax and have fun. Instead he decides to hire someone to help, which I want to mention that he ends up regretting about 5 seconds after he introduces Eda to Arif, the instructor. This is the funniest scene in the show, and when you take into consideration that the ENTIRE episode was hilarious, that is saying something. Serkan goes from muttering, to trying anything to get Eda out of the pool, and ends up telling Seyfi to go "empty the pool", which I believe is going to be one of those lines that just end up in the history books.

Then we get another hilarious scene, when Serkan tries to find out what Eda's type of guy is. Now... While he's watching Eda get comfortable in the pool, talking to the instructor, he finds out from Seyfi, the biggest EdSer shipper ever I want to add, that the previous day, during the conversation between Eda and Aydan, his mom, Eda told the older woman that "Serkan is not my type". My theory is that Serkan wanted to ask Eda why she kissed him if he's not her type, but he chickened out and instead asked her what she's attracted to. It's hilarious because he's not used to being that vulnerable, while also not wanting to show he genuinely wants to know the answer to that. He may also be slightly offended that he's not her type, which is even more hilarious. Not only because it shows he is slightly interested (more than slightly, because if you watch the pool scene, you'll know the boy is a goner even though he won't admit it yet), but also because even though he may not be her type, Eda is also feeling a bit more for him than she cares to admit.

They end up at the office, where Eda bets Serkan that he can't stay calm for 10 minutes, which proves to be a very difficult task given that there's a crisis going on at work. Serkan visibly tries not to scream, stomp, and yell, and Eda just watches amused. But what I loved about the entire office scene is that eventually Eda and Serkan work as a team to finish the project. Eda offers to do the drawing for the landscape part of the project, and Serkan lets her do it. He tears up her first drawing, telling her that they can find someone to draw something amazing, and that her drawing lacked soul. When she asks for a second try, he tells her that she can do it, but that if he hates it, he'll tear it up again. And that's what he does with her next... I think 3 drawings? What I loved was that every time he told her to do it again, she tried harder and harder, and didn't give up, which you can tell that Serkan appreciated. Eventually Serkan shows her a few techniques, and when her final drawing is complete he praises her and tells her to put it in the folder for the project.

I know I said I wasn't going to pick a favorite scene, but this scene is definitely my favorite. Because no matter the games they play, no matter what they may or may not feel for each other, they put all of that aside and work together as a team. Eda wants to learn from Serkan, and Serkan is willing to teach her. I think it's such an important moment in their relationship, and I hope we'll get more scenes like this one.

We get to see Serkan again out his element, because Eda brought him to a farmer's market. I love how she doesn't let him escape when he suggests it, and I love that even though he was uncomfortable, he didn't take advantage of her turning away from him to speak with a vendor to escape. Basically he does what he's told, just like she does what he tells her, and I am here for all of it. And then...magnificence.

Because the cooking scene happens. What I like is how sweet it starts. I think Serkan is still slightly rattled after seeing Eda have one of her episodes, so when he sees her cooking while dancing and singing, he asks her if she's feeling okay. But not in a "are you crazy" way, but he's genuinely interested to know that she's okay, and that was so sweet. Then when he sees what she's cooking he offers to cook himself, which prompts bet number two, about can make a better dish. Then the entire scene is sprinkled with innuendos and flirty looks, and "oops I'm sorry I'm invading your space, I really need the salt" moves. It's sweet and hot and even a bit romantic. They even feed each other, guys!

After they finish cooking and after they each take a shower, Serkan receives a phone call from Engin, which prompts Serkan to pack up and go to the airport to join Engin in a business meeting. Eda, having none of that, berates him for leaving her alone with his ex, and then jumps in the pool. Remember how she told Serkan she can't swim? Well, the boy has to play knight in shining armor and jump in the pool too, to save the damsel from drowning. Only to be hit in the face by her laughing at his desperation, because of course she knows how to swim. But it's hilarious. Aaaand of course Selin, Ferit, and Ayfer all get to see these fools in the pool, Serkan stunned and Eda giggling.

The episode ends with Selin finding the engagement contract between Serkan and Eda, after much snooping around his house to make sure Serkan and Eda are truly living together. There's no promo for next week's episode out yet, so we know nothing about what's coming. I hope he'll tell Selin that it's either some kind of game between him and his fiance, and what is her business snooping around his house, OR that it's a prenup. Please, let him tell her off, because no matter what, snooping in someone else's home is wrong.

That's it for this awesome episode. Remember that you can watch the episode on the official YouTube channel. As always, let me know if you're watching this show and if you enjoyed this week's episode. Until next week, happy reading!
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