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TV Madness: Sen Çal Kapımı Bölüm 2 Review

Genre: Rom - Com | Channel: Fox Türkiye | Director: Ender Mihlar, Yusuf Pirhasan
 Starring: Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin
Summary (source: IMDB):

While Serkan Bolat held a press conference about an important international investment, the meeting broke up when Eda stuck to his lips. Now, Serkan has a prestige to save and Eda has to fix the mistake she made. The solution is simple: they will pretend to be engaged for 2 months. Serkan's prestige will be saved and Eda's university final class payment will be made in return. There is only one problem, to convince family and friends that they are in love with each other at first sight.

Whoaaa!! What. An. Episode. Guys... 24 hours later and I am still in shock. This episode of Sen Çal Kapımı had everything a romcom fan can possibly wish for and more. And because this is Ayşe writing, the little details that enhance the story even more made this episode one of my top 3 TV episodes I have ever seen. Let's get started, because we have a lot to talk about.

The episode starts with that amazing, out-of-the-blue kiss that Eda laid on Serkan. Everyone at the conference is shocked, including Serkan, obviously. But while he is shocked, he doesn't react in any way while in front of everyone, which is even more shocking. Because Serkan doesn't seem the type of guy to not react when something happens that he didn't previously plan, but he just goes along with it and tells Eda to follow him somewhere private. I loved that while he's trying to understand what the hell that kiss was he sees the paparazzi behind them and tells Eda they need to leave. Guys, he only just met her, he still has no clue what her name is, but he is trying to protect her!! I am in love.

While in the car, Eda refuses yet again to pretend to be his fiance, and they have a fight, of course. I think the reason why Serkan is still trying to get her to agree to this is because he truly feels bad about the scholarship, but he is also trying to take the guilt off his shoulders. He knows he messed up by not checking with his financial manager, and he hates that she threw that in his face in the previous episode, so I believe his intention is to take that off his shoulders. He just has no clue how stubborn she can be yet.

Then it's negotiation time. Because these idiots will have a contract between them for the duration of their fake engagement. Queue hotness on screen number 1. Because just look at this!
Source: Violicity @ Tumblr
I love how well this scene is written. Not only does Eda challenge Serkan, she puts down her own rules, one of which is that he isn't allowed to touch her if she doesn't give him permission first. Of course though, this fool breaks that rule as soon as she signs the contract, just to be a smartass. Eda signs the contract and slaps the folder on his chest, and he casually puts his hand over hers "in order to hot let the folder fall". Dude, her hand is so small, he had plenty of room from where to grab that folder. He just wanted to be a smartass. I also think that he's trying very hard not to let her see how much she actually affects him. Because even in this gif you can tell that while his posture screams confidence, he has his hands in his pockets, trying to hide them. So my guess is that he's not as relaxed as he wants her to believe. Let's face it, the girl does everything he wouldn't, she acts in ways he can't anticipate or control, so of course she shakes him to his core. I give him...maybe 2 more episodes before he falls for her.

It's the next morning, Eda is with her besties trying very hard to convince them that she is truly in love with Serkan and vice versa. Of course, only Melo is fooled, but that's because she is a hopeless romantic and she wants what's best for her bestie. The other two girls however are highly suspicious of this "love at first sight". Serkan arrives and takes Eda to his house, where they start giving each other the story of their lives, to better convince everyone of their lie. Of course, this is where I did a tiny happy dance, because for the first time in...forever, two people do the "fake relationship" like they should. 

Then it's meet the mother time. And Serkan's mom is a handful and then some. Now, I didn't catch this the first time I watched the episode, during the live stream, but upon rewatch I realized something. Serkan proposed that no one but his mother know the truth, and that is because he wants to save Eda the potential war she'd have with his mom. Eda refuses, saying that she can handle her. I think she was also miffed that she couldn't tell anyone, and yet here is Serkan proposing they tell his mom. Well, while Eda is having her first facing with his mom, Serkan watches, all amused and relaxed, and keeps glancing at his watch. If you'll watch with subs, you'll see that he tells his mom they can only stay for 15 minutes, but I do believe that boy is counting down the minutes until Eda cracks. She eventually does crack, because Serkan's mom is horrible, and spills all the details.

Then they go to the office, where the most hilarious scene happens. Because they are discussing something, we don't hear what, but his business partners, his assistant, and another employee watch them. At some point this employee, who I think is the assistant of Serkan's best friend and partner, Engin, starts imitating Serkan, and everyone starts cracking up. It's hilarious, guys. Serkan tells his assistant that she and Eda will share an office, then a business meeting happens, then Serkan tells Eda to go buy an engagement ring to make things even more legit. Eda goes and buys the smallest, cheapest engagement ring ever, then as she's heading back to the office her car breaks down. Who can provide help but Serkan's old friend and current enemy, Kaan? I was shaking at this point, because I legit thought he would mess up her car in order to have an accident. Because of course the guy knows who she is. But no, instead he actually fixes her car, then gives her his business card.

Eda goes back to the office, and as she's headed to Serkan's office, she is greeted by Serkan, his business partners and a potential client, just getting out of a meeting. Serkan then invites the client to their engagement party, then takes Eda to his office. They fight again, because of course Eda has no clue what party he's speaking of and she's annoyed that he treats her "as a doll" (her words). Serkan explains himself, which is another breaking of the rules, because Eda is not supposed to ask why, but I do believe they're equal now. Then she shows him the engagement ring he bought and he is so disgusted, I thought he'd break something. Of course he hates it, and of course he goes buy her a proper ring. And what a ring, guys! It is GORGEOUS. 

After that they go to have lunch, and they meet with Selin, Serkan's ex, and her fiance. There they get some questions about their relationship, Eda makes up lie after lie in order to make their story seem more believable, and Serkan once again breaks the no touching rule by putting his hand on her knee to shut her up. It's a hilarious scene. But while they're at the restaurant, Eda says something that has a light bulb turn on in Serkan's head, so they head back to the office, and gets the team working on a project that will be designed by Eda. 

Then things get sour again for a while, because Eda tells Serkan in front of everyone they need to go. Now, I don't think she made a mistake here per se, because Serkan was ignoring her attempts to get his attention. And based on how Serkan answered her when she called him, I doubt he would have gone to talk to her in private. He is a bit rude to her when they're alone, she gets offended and almost teary eyed, which makes him realize he was an ass. Guys, you can totally tell he hates himself for hurting her. Anyway, they go to have dinner with her aunt, her aunt has the "don't you dare hurt my baby or I'll hunt you down and hurt you right back" conversation with him, and Serkan finds out that Eda has fainting/sleeping spells whenever she's too stressed. 

The next day it's the engagement party. Serkan goes to the flower shop to grab Eda, but while there Kaan, the evil enemy, arrives to thank Eda about the flower arrangement she had sent to his office. After he leaves Serkan explains who he is and why he got mad, and Eda regrets inviting the snake to the party. Serkan tells her to forget it and they go to his house to prepare. And there...the hottest scene ever happens. Well, maybe not the hottest, because it's very difficult to top the perfume gifting scene in Erkenci Kuş, episode 21, but definitely hot. Because Eda can't zip up her dress. And after a little banter, Serkan offers to help her with this difficult task, BUT HE ASKS HER FOR PERMISSION!!! I died there. Then when she gives him this tiiiiiiiny tiny nod, HE CLOSES THE DOOR!!! Because of course one needs to close the door when zipping up a dress. 

Source: Turkish Dreams @ Tumblr
Also the song that plays while this scene is going on helps out with the mood a lot. If you haven't found it by now, it's Gold by Tolan Shaw and I've had it on repeat on Spotify since I woke up this morning.

AAAAAAAAnd that's how this episode ends. I have to say, props to both Hande and Kerem for making this last scene hot and not a cliche, but also props to the director and camera crew and editing crew. Everything about this scene was perfect, from music, the slow motion, the angles, even that curtain billowing in the wind behind them.

Then one cannot not be in awe at Ayşe's writing, because one detail that I caught right away, was that Serkan's dog's name is Sirius!! And if you go searching for all the mythology of this name, you'll see exactly why it's such an important detail for the story. I would like to beg, once again, for Ayşe to write a romance book. I'll read it even if it's longer than 1000 pages.

Best part though is that I'm 99% sure that this last scene will be replayed in the beginning of episode 3, so we'll see this awesomeness again.

Anyway, that's it for this week. Did you watch the episode? What did you think about it?

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