Saturday, July 18, 2020

TV Madness: Bay Yanlış Bölüm 4 Review

Genre: Rom - Com | Channel: Fox Türkiye | Director: Deniz Yorulmazer
 Starring: Can YamanÖzge Gürel
Summary (source: IMDB)
Cansu and Deniz are shocked when they learn that Ezgi went to Göcek with Özgür as per an agreement. Even though Ozan notices the he has spilled the secret at the last minute, he has to explain everything with the pressure of Deniz. Cansu and Deniz are not comfortable. Since they are afraid that Ezgi will fall in love with Özgür, they go after them and go to Göcek. In the meantime, a day full of adventure and tension awaits Ezgi and Özgür, who fell on a deserted island as a result of the troubles they had, and their friends and families who could not reach them were looking for them everywhere in panic.
This week's episode of Bay Yanlış has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV. I can't exactly pinpoint what my favorite scene is, because it was all awesome. Also, I'm pretty sure this was the longest episode so far from this series. I also want to mention that I haven't watched the full episode with subs yet, so I won't be going too in depth with some scenes. So let's get started, because there's a lot to talk about.

The episode starts off with the near kiss in the water. It's no one's surprise that Özgür makes some stupid remarks in the hopes of angering Ezgi and ruining the moment, because that boy is truly afraid of feeling something more than just physical attraction. This makes me believe the idea that he had his heart broken in the past even more. What he doesn't count on is what happens next due to the fact that he keeps annoying her. He realizes he forgot his phone home, and then Ezgi's phone dies and she doesn't have her charger with her. So he pokes some more fun at her, and Ezgi explodes. First she throws something in the water, which turns out to be the keys to the boat, next she fries the boat's electrical system, and finally walks in some fishing hooks. All of this happens within 5 minutes probably, and Özgür is ready to throw himself overboard. It's a hilarious scene, and props to Özge and Can for being such great actors. Because their reactions, the looks on their faces, the way they speak, everything makes this scene the funniest I've ever seen.

In the meantime Cansu and Deniz are finding out about the deal between out heroes from Ozan, Özgür's buddy and business partner. Now... Here's the thing. This entire episode I didn't feel any positive feelings towards Cansu and Deniz. I'm sorry, but right now, they are my least favorite characters, along with Levent. Because while they both judge Ezgi for her choice in men and are quick to remind her of how the men she falls in love with are "bad guys", Cansu takes anything Levent dishes out without batting an eyelash, while Deniz wouldn't recognize a good guy if it hit her in the face. Granted, one might say that Cansu did try to leave Levent in the previous episode, but she went back to him the moment he cracked up the stupidest joke known to humankind, and laughed with that fake, forced laughter of his that just gives me the creeps, but that somehow Cansu finds cute and amusing. I'm sorry, but as of yet I am still waiting to like these two.

Back on the boat, Özgür and Ezgi take the lifeboat, but that ends them in more problems, because the tank isn't full and soon they're left stranded in the middle of the sea. They end up on an island, where they spend the night. Come morning, they stumble across these shady guys that tie them up, possibly intend on harming them. I love here that eventually Özgür realizes he needs to keep Ezgi calm, and he tries to reassure her. So yes, he is capable of being nice and not ruin the moment.

In the end all is well, because they manage to escape, and they head back home. After they explain everything to the families, the time for decorating the house for the Henna Night has come. Because of their worry with Özgür and Ezgi missing, Özgür's mom and sister cancelled the appointment with the team that was supposed to come in and decorate, so it's up to Ezgi to direct everyone to help with the preparations. This is when I think Özgür is starting to feel something that he is slowly willing to acknowledge, especially after she silently agrees to keep the ruse up of them being together, even though he gave her a way out. And then the party can start.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this ritual. I never knew of this ritual, and it was such a wonderful celebration. I'm happy that they included it in the show.

The episode ends with Özgür, Ezgi, Cansu, Levent, Deniz and Ozan on the pier, ready to head out on the boat, when all of the sudden a voice calls out for Ezgi and lo and's Serdar. I have many questions about what this guy is doing there, but based on the promo for next week's episode, he's at the wedding too, from the groom's side. So it will be very interesting to see how Ezgi will deal with having the man she's falling for and the man she thinks she should be in love with together. I hope she doesn't do anything too weird or stupid. At the same time, I am starting to wonder how much of a "good guy" Serdar truly is, because I thought, based on last week's episode, that he was supposed to head out to New York for a conference. So I have no clue if he lied, if he'll go right after the wedding, but right now I don't trust him too much.

Let me know in the comments if you watched this episode, and which scene you liked the most. Until next week, happy reading!
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