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TV Madness: Bay Yanlış Bölüm 5 Review

Genre: Rom - Com | Channel: Fox Türkiye | Director: Deniz Yorulmazer
 Starring: Can YamanÖzge Gürel
Summary (source: IMDB)
After meeting Serdar in Göcek, Ezgi and Özgür start thinking about what to do when they learn that Serdar will also attend Ebru's wedding. Their friends try to come up with ideas and help them to survive the wedding. Meanwhile, Sevim and Nevin get along very well, and with the guidance of Fitnat, they begin to plan to overcome Ezgi and Özgür. Ezgi and Özgür also pretend not to fit each other in order not to upset their families. This makes their families skeptical about the marriage of the two.
Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest recap and review of the Bay Yanlış episode. Buckle up, because this episode was awesome! Just when things were starting to get good, things get more complicated. And because one complication isn't enough, well, how about a weekend full of complications? That's what Ezgi and Özgür have to deal with in the latest episode of Bay Yanlış and I'm here to tell you all about it.

The episode starts with Serdar calling out for Ezgi on the dock, just as our group of friends are about to head out with the yacht. As you can probably imagine, Ezgi is freaking out, because he's also a guest to Ebru's wedding. What I loved about this scene was seeing how different the guys and the girls were reacting to this situation. Obviously, since they know the truth about Ezgi and Özgür's deal, they're also involved, so each one of them is trying to come up with a solution that doesn't involve spilling the beans to the parents. Because obviously, no one wants to admit to their moms that they've been lying to them about being together. Eventually they settle on the old "we'll cross that bridge when we get there", which is honestly the best way to deal with that whole situation.

The cutest scene of the episode was when Ezgi and Özgür get back to his mom's house and she keeps freaking out about Serdar attending the wedding. After Özgür channels his inner Tesla in order to get Ezgi to shut up, and makes the most hilarious frustrated noises I've ever heard on TV, Özgür notices that the parents are watching them, thinking they're fighting, so he hugs her. While he's trying to get her to hug him, the sprinklers come on and it's the cutest thing ever, guys. Özgür has this giant smile on his face, and he's twirling his girl around and it's basically a Disney scene and I loved it.

At the wedding reception Ezgi and Özgür dance together and it's cute and flirty, and then...disasters number one and two happen. Because not only does Serdar arrive, but he's taken his sister with him. And who is his sister, you might wonder? Only the reporter who made the "Mr. Wrong" piece on Özgür. That's right, folks, the shit hit the fan big time. It was HILARIOUS. Obviously, there's going to be a little bit of drama here, because both Ezgi and Özgür are flirting with the siblings, and they are being watched like hawks by their parents, and the night isn't going very well. Eventually Özgür takes Ezgi away from Serdar to dance with him instead, and they have a really nice conversation while they dance, even if they both lie through their teeth about not being jealous of the other one. I liked the scene because it showed that they aren't as oblivious to each other as they act. The night ends with Ezgi fainting because she mistakenly mixed a sedative with alcohol, in her attempt to prevent her mom from asking too many questions about who Serdar actually is and if he knew Özgür from the hospital.

The next day out dear friends decide to go the beach and they're almost ready for leaving when disaster 3 happens. The mothers decide to have a serious conversation with their kids about making their relationship official and they each pressure Ezgi and Özgür into getting engaged. This prompts more crazy acting from our fake lovers and surprisingly it's Levent who comes up with the solution. Since the mothers loved them together and thought the other one was the perfect partner to their kid, the only way to stop an engagement would be by "showing their true faces". So all Ezgi and Özgür have to do is act as badly as they possibly can in front of the other one's family, in order to become the "wrong one" in the eyes of the family. Which, of course, our heroes manage, because there's nothing like an unwanted engagement to make them actually work like a team.

At the beach one of the most hilarious scene happened. NOW. I want to preface this by saying that in real life this wouldn't be funny at all, I'd be very angry if someone did this to me or to my best friend, but the way the actors played that scene made a very uncool and possibly problematic scene hilarious. Cansu has been lying to Levent about knowing how to swim, when in reality she has a phobia of water. Levent sees Cansu trying to get in the water, but thinks she doesn't want to get in because of who knows what reason, so he pushes her in. Cansu then tries to stay to the surface, while Levent at first laughs at what he thinks was a funny thing, but then freaks out and goes after her. Now. Levent is not my favorite character at all, but in his defense, he had NO clue that Cansu has a phobia. He even makes a comment how it's good that they didn't go out with the yacht the other day, because he would have been tempted to pick her up in his arms and jump into the water with her. So while Levent's character has many flaws, I don't think I can blame him for doing something when he wasn't aware of Cansu's phobia. Remember, she told him she knew how to swim.

Another thing I realized watching the episode on Friday was that one of the reasons why I may not like Deniz as much as everyone else is because I'm her in many ways. There's this scene at the beach where two guys are ogling her and Ozan is trying to get her to sit with the rest of them, because he's uncomfortable with the way those guys are watching her. And Deniz's reaction is exactly what I'd do in that situation, so I realized that me not liking her is actually me feeling called out by her character and hating that feeling so, so, so much. So I can confirm that I'm watching Deniz more carefully now and I'm acknowledging some of "oooh, this is what I'd do" cringe-worthy moments.

Back at the house, we have a flashback to when Ezgi fainted and we find out that Özgür once again took care of Ezgi through the night, staying to watch over her and make sure she was fine. As they leave, we see our poor babies sad that they're not getting along anymore with the other one's parents, and they're slowly becoming aware that they are sad that the fake relationship part of their agreement is over. I was live watching with a bunch of friends on Facebook and we were all talking about how sad we were to see them break up, even if it was a fake break up. If you will watch the episode you'll see that they are sad over having to go back to real life.

I don't think there's going to be a new episode next week, because there's a big holiday in Turkey, so  we have no promo as of yet for episode 6. But in the meantime I think I'll rewatch the episodes, because they truly are fun to watch. And this is your chance to start watching the show if you want to. The full episodes are on their official channel on Youtube and on their official FB page. Happy watching, and I'll see you guys when the next episode airs!
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